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^ ^o. 


Commencement Program 

Candidates For Degrees and Diplomas 12 

Honors 43 

Scholastic and Special Awards 55 

Commencemait Pro grain 


O say can you see, — by the dawn's early light, 

What so prondly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight. 

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof thro' the night— that our flag was still there. 

O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust. 
Remember Hoivard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy sliimb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng, 

That stalks ivith Liberty along. 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Commencement Program 1958 


The National Anthem 

Maryland, My Maryland 


Conferring of Degrees 
and Certificates 

The Alma Mater 

Commissioning of Officers, 
United States Air Force 



March from Die Meistersinger by Wagner 

The Reverend Mr. Harry S. Cobey, All 
Saints' Episcopal Church, Hamlet, North 

The Star-Spangled Banner by Key, led by 
Professor Harlan Randall 

His Excellency, 

Theodore R. McKeldin, Governor of 


Mr. Edward F. Holter, Vice-Chairman, 
Board of Regents, University of Maryland 

By Randall, led by PROFESSOR Harlan 

Dr. Milton Stover Eisenhower, 
President, Johns Hopkins University 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, 
Presideyit of the University 

By Kinney, led by Professor Harlan 

Colonel Robert E. Kendig, Professor of 
Air Science 

The Reverend Mr. Algernon W. Jack- 
son, Cherrydale Baptist Church, Arling- 
ton, Virginia 

Triumphal March from Aida by Verdi 

Special Music by Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, Uni- 
versity Organist 

The audience will please remain in place until the academic procession has marched out 

Honorary Degrees 



Dr. Milton Sto\'er Eisenhow'er 

President of The Johns Hopkins University 

Born at Abilene, Kansas, September 15, 1899. 
Dr. Eisenhower received his Bachelor of Science 
degree in Industrial Journalism from Kansas 
State College, 1924, and engaged in graduate 
studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 

He has performed distinguished service in the 
areas of government and education. 

In the service of the United States govern- 
ment. Dr. Eisenhower has served on a number 
of special missions including assignments as 
Special Ambassador and Personal Representa- 
tive of the President of the United States on 
Latin American Affairs; member. President's 
Committee on Government Organization; dele- 
gate to four UNESCO Conferences. 

In the area of service to education. Dr. Eisen- 
hower has served as President of Kansas State 
College and The Pennsylvania State University, 
and as President of the Association of Land- 
Grant Colleges and Universities. Dr. Eisen- 
hower is presently Director of the Fund for 
Adult Education; member of the Permanent 
Advisory Committee of Higher Education, 
State of Maryland; and a member of the Board 
of Visitors, United States Naval Academy. 

Dr. Eisenhower is a Trustee of the Enoch 
Pratt Free Library; Director, Freedoms Foun- 
dation, Inc.; Director, The Geisinger Memorial 
Hospital; Honorary Chairman, The American- 
Korean Foundation. 

Dr. Eisenhower is the recipient of some 23 
honorary degrees bestowed by colleges and uni- 
versities here and in Latin America. Among the 
numerous awards for service he has received are 
the Horatio Alger Award, the Junior Achieve- 
ment Award, Order of Boyaca of the Govern- 
ment of Columbia, Republic of Korea Award, 
Order of the Liberator in the Class of Grand 
Cordon from the Government of Venezuela, 
Great Cross of the National Order of the "Con- 
dor of the Andes", from the Government of 
Bolivia, Grand Cross of the Eloy Alf aro Interna- 
tional Foundation, Cunningham Award for Pro- 
moting Hemispheric Relations, and others. 

Dr. Wilbur George Malcolm 
President of the American Cyanamid Company 

Born at Moscow Mills, Maryland, June 22, 
1902. Bachelor of Science, 1922, University of 
Maryland; Ph.D. in Bacteriology, 1930, Uni- 
versity of Maryland. Instructor at the Uni- 
versity, 1922-24. 

Dr. Malcolm served as General Manager of 
Cyanamid's Lederle Laboratories Division dur- 
ing the period when Lederle became an im- 
portant factor in the ethical pharmaceutical 
field and, with the discovery of Aureomycin R 
chlortetracycline, the country's leading pro- 
ducer of broad spectrum antibiotics. His pro- 
motion was in recognition of his achievements in 
making antiserum against many forms of pneu- 
monia, a disease which at that time was often 
fatal. In the years following 1938, Dr. Malcolm 
directed the efforts of Lederle Laboratories to- 
ward discovering, testing and producing many 
chemicals and antibiotics for the treatment of 
pneumonia as well as many other diseases of ani- 

mals and mankind so that he has become 
leader of the revolution of medical science whic 
has projected the world into the Antibiotic Agi 
Dr. Malcolm's professional memberships ir 
elude honorary membership in the Internationa 
College of Surgeons; life membership in the Ne^ 
York Academy of Sciences; membership in th 
American Society of Bacteriologists; and th 
Executive Committee of the American Dru 
Manufacturers' Association. His family res 
dence is at Grand View-on-Hudson, New Yorl 

The Honorable Morris A. Soper 
Judge, United States Court of Appeals, Uh Circu 

Born at Baltimore, Maryland, January 2[ 
1873. Received the Bachelor of Arts degree froi 
The Johns Hopkins University in 1893, and th 
LL.B. degree from the University of Marylan 
in 1895. Judge Soper has since received honorar 
degrees of LL.D. from St. John's College an 
The Johns Hopkins University. 

He served as Chief Judge of the Suprem 
Bench of Baltimore City from 1914 to 1921 ; we 
appointed United States District Judge for tb 
District of Maryland in 1923; and in 1931 we 
appointed to the United States Court of Aj 
peals, Fourth Circuit. 

Judge Soper, for many years, has been cor 
sidered one of the outstanding Federal judgf 
in the United States. He has also served as 
leading citizen of the State, active in many an 
varied civic and professional movements. Thi 
past winter Judge Soper was the subject of in: 
pressive ceremonies in the Federal Court in Ba. 
timore, upon the occasion of his eighty-fift 
birthday, in which leaders of the Marylan 
bench and bar participated. 

Dr. Robert Lee Swain 
Editor of Drug Topics and Drug Trade New 

Born at Redden, Delaware, September 2£ 
1887. Dr. Swain received his Doctor of Pharma 
cy degree from the University of Maryland i; 
1909, and Bachelor of Laws degree in 1932. H 
has served as member and Secretary- Treasure 
of the Maryland Board of Pharmacy; Deput; 
Food and Drug Commissioner for the Marylan( 
Department of Health; Chairman of the Na 
tional Association of Retail Druggists' Com 
mittee on State and National Fair Trade Legis 
lation (during which time Fair Trade legislatioi 
was enacted by most of the states, and the U. S 
Congress passed the Miller-Tydings Act) 
President of the American Pharmaceutical Asso 
elation; President of the National Association o 
Boards of Pharmacy; President of the Marylanc 
Pharmaceutical Association. 

Dr. Swain has taught at Temple Universit} 
and George Washington University and ha 
served on the American Council on Pharma 
ceutical Education. He has acted as consultan 
to the Surgeon General of the United State: 
Army. In journalism. Dr. Swain's career is on* 
of distinction covering work on the Unitec 
States Pharmacopoeia, and embracing thi 
editorship of The Maryland Pharmacist anc 
later the internationally-known Drug Topia 
and Drug Trade News. 


Doctor of Laws Milton Stover Eisenhower 

Doctor of Laws Wilbur George Malcolm 

Doctor of Laws Morris Ames Soper 

Doctor of Science Robert Lee Swain 


William Algie Cooksey, Charles County 

Walter Jacob Hahn, Frederick County 

James Boal Lingle, Queen Annes County 

Abby McCardell Remsberg, Frederick County 



Degrees and Diplomas 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Ronald Bamford, Dean of the School 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Hatif Hammoody Al-Jaleel Iraq 

Robert Stephen Allgaier Maryland 

Irwin Altman Maryland 

Alexander William Astin Kentucky 

Helen Stavridou Astin Maryland 

Abdul Kadir Aziz Maryland 

Richard Bassette Maryland 

Kathryn Rooney Biersdorf Maryland 

Unabelle Rebecca Boggs Blackwood 


Robert James Brady Ohio 

James Henry Bramble Ohio 

James Robert Brennan Maryland 

Charles Joseph BuRKHART....Pe?msyivama 

Amado Campana Campos Philippines 

FiLOMENA FoRTiCH Campos Philippines 

Frank Llewellyn Cherms, Jr. 

Rhode Island 

Norman Walter Chmura Maryland 

Anthony Chi-Wu Chung New York 

Carleton Merritt Clifford, Jr.. .Maryland 

James Conlan Maryland 

Charles Ray Davenport Virginia 

Roger Hicks Davidheiser Maryland 

Lionel Ralph DeLoach Virginia 

Robert Lee DeZafra Maine 

Frank William Douvres Maryland 

Palmer Lowell Edwards Maryland 

Burton Robert Evans Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Fedor Maryland 

Harry Ardell Fowells Maryland 

David William Fox Maryland 

Henry Eric Frankel Maryland 

Raymond Alfred Galloway Maryland 

James Joseph Gilroy Pennsylvania 

David Tobias Goldman Maryland 

George Gerald Gonyea New York 

Richard Charles Gonzalez Maryland 

Thomas Walton Haines Maryland 

Warren Frederick Hale Massachusetts 

Thomas White Hall Maryland 

George Keithley Harrison Maryland 

Julius Herman D. C. 

Stanley Marquis Holberg Maryland 

William Lemuel Hollis Maryland 

Francis Gordon Hueter Maryland 

John Winter Hull Arkansas 

Joseph C. Hwang Maryland 

Thomas Paul Imse New York 

Leo F. Judge, Jr Ohio 

Arthur Eli Karinen Maryland 

David Joseph King Maryland 

Charles Emery Knox Delaware 

Florence Lazicki LAKSHMANAN..Mari/Zand 

Robert Edward Lana New Jersey 

Asa Leifer Maryland 

Daniel Anthony Lima Maryland 

Raymond James Lukens New Jersey 

Walter Thomas McDonough Maryland 

Joseph Donald Moyer Maryland 

Edward Riddle Padgett Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Pickart Maryland 

Charles Patton Poole, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph Quinn New York 

Samuel J. Raff Maryland 

Richard Allen Rohde Maryland 

Alberta Barkley Ross Michigan 

Philip Rovner Maryland 

Steven H. Schot Maryland 

Taze Leonard Senn South Carolina 

Ruth L. Sherman Maryland 

John Philip Sibilia New Jersey 

Bernard Clair Smale Maryland 

Un Sun Song Maryland 

Thomas Barton Sprecher Maryland 

Charles Judd Swartz Maryland 

Beatrice June Thearle Maryland 

Ernestine Hogan Basham Thurman 


John Willlam Tomlin Maryland 

William Norbert Turek Minnesota 

Richard Patrick Walsh Maryland 

Robert Hinchman Weaver.. PFest Virginia 

George Herbert Weiss D. C. 

David Yue Wong Maryland 

Charles William Woods Ohio 

Matthew Yarczower Maryland 

Conrad Erhardt Yunker New Jersey 


Doctor of Education 

Olin L. Adams, Jr Ohio 

Sidney Calvin Maryland 

Charles Norman Cramer Maryland 

Charles Maurice DeWitt Maryland 

Taha Haj Elias Iraq 

William Morris Hammerman Indiana 

Emily Belle Higgins Pennsylvania 

Paul T. Hiser Ne^v York 

G. Kenneth Horvath Maryland 

Jack Paul Laurence Maryland 

Richard E. McCaslin Maryland 

Lake Carlisle Oxford Louisiana 

Bernard Peck D. C. 

Leonard A. Ravitz Delaware 

Lillian Lorena Smith Virginia 

Hasan Tan Maryland 

Robert Frederick Will Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Wallace Y. Akiyama Hawaii 

R. F. Allen Maryland 

Robert Bernard Appleton Maryland 

Robert Elmer Barde New York 

Clarence Lyle Beall Maryland 

Raymond Warner Bellamy, jR...Maryland 

John Hilary Billings New York 

Lloyd Spencer Bowling Illinois 

Doris Bryk New York 

Jerome Francis X. Carroll Maryland 

John Francis Carter Maryland 

ViNNA Beane Chapman North Carolina 

Ricardo Chavez New Mexico 

Eileen Zelda Cohen Maryland 

Thomas Robert Cripps Maryland 

Donald Arthur Deppe Pennsylvania 

Marjorie Flora Drazek Maryland 

Daniel James Edwards Maryland 

John H. Edwards, Jr West Virginia 

Richard Lonsdale Elkins Maryland 

Dora R. Evers D. C. 

Lula Dennison Garrett Maryland 

Henry James Giauque Maryland 

Jamie Elmer Godfrey Maryland 

Isadore Goldberg Maryland 

Guy Fair Goodfellow Maryland 

LeRoy Clancy Hill Maryland 

Allen Jerome Jewler Maryland 

Rajinder Kaur Keith D. C. 

Manfred G. Lederer Maryland 

Charles Nicholas Lee Maryland 

Alfred W. Little D. C. 

Luis F. Martinez-Sandin D. C. 

Lorraine Griggs Mills D. C. 

Ernest Richard Nilo Maryland 

Anne Hansell Nowland Maryland 

Thomas Paskalides Maryland 

Carol Beattie Taylor FETERs....Maryland 

Don Courtney Piper Maryland 

David Meredith Resnick Maryland 

Maxwell Joseph Richards New York 

John Q. Robinson Roark Pennsylvania 

Sheldon B. Rosenbaum Maryland 

May MacGinnis Roswell Maryland 

Harvey Bryant Seim Virginia 

Russell Lewis Sergeant Maryland 

Wendell Ross Sheets Maryland 

Dorothy Anita Small D. C. 

Jeanne Goodman Smith New York 

Donald Harry Steel Maryland 

Paul Denmore Tuck Virginia 

AlMEE Myint U Maryland 

Margaret Dean Vogel Maryland 

Melvin Samuel Wachs Maryland 

Harold Weiner New York 

Doris Gunning Wheeler Maryland 

John Madison Wilson Maryland 

Larman Curtis Wilson Nebraska 


Master of Science 

Albert Altman Maryland 

Nancy Patricia Anderson Maryland 

Sister St, Urban Auer Maryland 

Raymond Anthony BAYL0UNY..2Vew Jersey 

Robert J. Beiter Manjland 

Frederick Stucky Billig Maryland 

Wayne Evon Busbice Maryland 

Sylvia Grace Gary Maryland 

Frank Guttitta Maryland 

Sally Joanne Dempster Maryland 

Maarten Louis deVries Maryland 

Maezell Davis Dickerson Maryland 

Steve Raymond Domen Maryland 

James Vincent Duffy New York 

Gonstantine G. Efthymiou Maryland 

Alena Elbl Maryland 

Robert Owen Eluston Maryland 

Deborah Ennis Maryland 

William Linwood Ensor Maryland 

Albert Erskine New York 

Harold Earl Evans Maryland 

WiLUAM Russell Feairheller, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Edward Joseph Fetter Pennsylvania 

Ellen Dorothfa Foster Maryland 

Forrest William Fryer Maryland 

MuRRY Benjamin Ginsberg D. C. 

Paul Golovato Maryland 

Reynold Greenstone Maryland 

Clarice Dorothy Gullickson 

/ Pennsylvania 

Albert Haberstich Maryland 

Georgia Lois Helmick Maryland 

Ursula Elizabeth Heyer Wisconsin 

Margaret Mary Hooke Maryland 

Ghun-Ghe Hsu Maryland 

Betty Rudene Hughie Georgia 

Robert William Hurlbrink, HI 


Irving Jaffe Maryland 

Richard Lindy Johnston Maryland 

Jyri Kork Maryland 

Helen Victoria Kramer Maryland 

William Lawley Krewson D. C. 

Hans Peder Larsen Maryland 

Francis Joseph Lavitience, Jr Maryland 

Howard Lefkowitz Maryland 

Gharles Brown Leonard, Jr.. .New Jersey 

Benjamin Francis Love New York 

Jack Gert Lowenstein Maryland 

Robert George Masching Maryland 

Gharles Wight McGomb Maryland 

Graciano Patino Mendez Mexico 

Donald Floyd Middendorf Iowa 

August Miller California 

Thomas Holt Morrison Massachusetts 

Edward Harry Mougey Maryland 

Henry George Murad New York 

Garlyle Nibley, Jr D. C. 

Stanley Noble Wisconsin 

Donald Peters Oberacker 

New Hampshire 

Thomas Francis Ogilvie Virginia 

Gharles Arthur Olson Illinois 

Gilbert Wesley Ousley D. C. 

Osvaldo Lyonel Paladines D. C. 

Robert Louis Parker D. C. 

Jayantilal Shankerbhai Patel India 

Jerome Persh Maryland 

John Bevill Peterson, Jr Maryland 

William George Phillips Maryland 

Frank McGinn Porter Maryland 

John Vincent Recesso New York 

Michael John Redgrave Maryland 

Julia Harriss Richardson Maryland 

Roland Robert Robinson D. C. 

John Dorman Rust Maryland 

Kenneth Ghapman Sanderson 

New Jersey 

Harry Arthur Schafft New York 

Robert Reinhart Schmidt Virginia 

Peter Semeniuk Maryland 

Margaret Frances Sherwood Ohio 

Carlton L. Smith Maryland 

Gracia Helen Somerville Maryland 

John Stanley Stiles, Jr Maryland 


Harry Wiett Tavenner Oregon 

Theodore Wendel Tober Connecticut 

Walter Robert VanAntwerp Maryland 

Harry Leslie Van Trees, Jr Maryland 

Ray Franklin Voelkel Texas 

H.\RVEY AR^^D Wallskog Maryland 

EsTAL Dale West Maryland 

Betty Krabill Weyn Maryland 

Charles Evans White Maryland 

Harold Ray White Pennsylvania 

Louis Ainsley Wilson Pennsylvania 

ELE.A.N0R Frances Young Maryland 

John Rufus Young Maryland 

Harold Joseph Zabsky Illinois 

Master of Education 

Mary Lou Alexander Virginia 

Caroline Elizabeth Alsop Virginia 

George Ode Anderson Maryland 

Smith Rol.\nd Armstrong, 111. ...Maryland 

Nita Lyans Axley Maryland 

Eleanor McAbee Barr Maryland 

Charles Thomas Benson Maryland 

WiLLL^M Charles Bevan Maryland 

Denwood Bryan Bloodswortii, Jr. 


Matthew Eugene Booker Maryland 

William R. Brake Maryland 

Charlotte L. Brill Maryland 

Mary Fr.^nces Brooks Arkansas 

Eleanor Alice Broome Maryland 

Martha Louise Brown Ohh 

Harry Edward Buchheister, Jr. 


Wylie Willes Burgess, Jr Maryland 

Helen Louise Buscher Maryland 

Alice H. Carney Maryland 

David Livingston Carrasco Maryland 

Paul Alfred Clarke Maryland 

Dorothy Jean Coburn D. C. 

Ralph Eugene Collins Maryland 

Reno Anthony Continetti Maryland 

George Kimel Conway Maryland 

Harlan Gene Copeland Kansas 

Ethel Bradley Cox Maryland 

Frank Jerome Cramblitt Maryland 

Lynor Olson Currier Maryland 

Richard Deforest Dams Maryland 

Sheldon Brinkley Dawson Maryland 

Richard Joseph Dent Maryland 

Jesse Drummond Dillon, Jr Maryland 

WiLLL\M Edward Dobson Maryland 

Anna White Dodson Maryland 

Thomas Reese Douglas Maryland 

Leona Rust Egan Virginia 

Joan Verlene Engle Kansas 

George William Fanshaw, Jr Maryland 

JuANiTA Rhodes Fitzgep^ald Maryland 

EsTA Henderson Freeland Louisiana 

Fr.\nces Rice Fuchs D. C. 

Daveda Margaret Gar\'er Maryland 

Shari M. Gelman Maryland 

CLims Odell Gilpin Maryland 

Dot Pace Goodson Louisiana 

Marion McConnell Gough Maryland 

Samuel Hammerman Maryland 

Margie C. Handy Maryland 

Lulu Carter Hardesty Maryland 

John Joseph Hart Maryland 

Hazel Nancy He.a.rd South Carolina 

Lucy Eleanor Henegar D. C. 

Lynda Louise Heriot South Carolina 

Martha Meyer Hone^'well Maryland 

Charlotte Mary Hurtt Maryland 

Helen Marie Johnson Maryland 

Mildred Rae Johnson Maryland 

Asuncion Talan Joson Philippines 

Jeanne D. Kappler Maryland 

John Joseph Keenan Maryland 

Norma Shores Kl.\\^ns Maryland 

E\'ELYN V. Klein Maryland 

Ernest Harold Koch Maryland 

Ruth Korb Maryland 

Ada R. Krahl D. C. 

LouMAE Dawson Kramer Maryland 

Rosa Y. Lawrence Maryland 

Edward Thomas Leon.ajid, Jr New York 

iRAD Clete Levering Florida 

Carrie Estelle Liggett D. C. 

Helen Buland Lipscomb Florida 

Auce Morgan Love Maryland 


Alfred S. Marsilio Maryland 

Lois Atkinson Mast Ohio 

Robert Gordon McCord Maryland 

Charles Joseph McCormick Maryland 

Raghu Nandan Mehta D. C. 

RozELLE Jane Miller Maryland 

Grace Elizabeth Moore Maryland 

Kenneth Knight Muir D. C. 

Mark Edward Nejako Maryland 

Margaret Chilton Oliphant Louisiana 

Frances Shugart O'Rourke Maryland 

Lola Hughes Parks Maryland 

William Francis FressIjY.. North Carolina 

Irene Lucy Price Maryland 

Geraldine May Reynolds Maryland 

Eva Hobbs Ricker Maryland 

James Lawson Riddagh Maryland 

Flossie Hendrix Rigsby Maryland 

Amalia a. Roberto Philippines 

Andrew William Roberts Maryland 

Elizabeth Lindell Roberts Maryland 

Pauline Tilleux Ross Maryland 

Robert John St. Ledger Pennsylvania 

Martha Ann Satterfield Maryland 

Shirley Luella Bennett Schafer 


Eugene Baer Schwartz Maryland 

Harold Lee Scott Maryland 

Dorothy T. Shaver Maryland 

Janet Worth Showalter Pennsylvania 

Ruth Eleanor Silver Maryland 

Charles Hamilton Slick, Jr Maryland 

Melva Louise Starkey Maryland 

Joseph Stein Maryland 

Henry Albert Taitt Maryland 

Georgia Mae Taylor South Carolina 

Joanne Wood Taylor Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Thompson Alabama 

Selma R. Mason Toye Maryland 

Jacque Barbour Tyoe Maryland 

Esperanza Rigon Valdez Philippines 

Louise Sterling Whitney Maryland 

Edward William Wilkins Maryland 

Daly Lynwood Wolfe D. C. 

Master of Business Administration 

Harold Henry Brunkhorst Texas 

W. Ronald Douglas New York 

Robert Joseph Keefer Illinois 

Spencer Blackwell Latham Maryland 

Melvin Edward Marmer Maryland 

David Hodgman SiLVERNAiL..Massac/iMsetts 
Thomas Laverne Stovall Maryland 

James Faulkner Channing Virginia 

Joseph Nahem New York 

Master of Foreign Study 

Melvin Zimmerman 

.New York 


Candidates will be presented by William S. Stone, M.D., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Medicine 

John Thomas Alexander Arizona 

James Keyes Aton Maryland 

William George Bartlett Maryland 

George Robert Baumgardner Maryland 

Elliott Morton Berg Maryland 

Maurice Jerrold Berman Maryland 

Gerald Edward Bloom Maryland 

Stanley Saul Brager Maryland 

Howard Daniel Bronstein Maryland 

George James Burke Maryland 


Raymond Frank Caplan Maryland 

Gayne Chun Hawaii 

Gaylord Lee Cl.ark, Jr Maryland 

David Arthur Cope Pennsylvania 

Robert Emmet Cranley, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Nelson Curtis Arizona 

Gilbert Bernard Cushner Maryland 

Robert Lee Damm Maryland 

Ronald Lee Diener Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Donovan, Jr. 

New Jersey 

Joanne Winslow Economon Maryland 

Richard James Erickson New Jersey 

Stanley N. Fare Maryland 

Alfred Anthony Filar, Jr Maryland 

Harold L. Fishkin Maryland 

Harry John Fitch Maryland 

Richard Rowan Flynn Maryland 

Har\'EY Lee Friedlander Maryland 

Neil Morton Goldberg Maryland 

Sheldon Goldgeier Maryland 

Barrett Goldstein Maryland 

Fr-ank Philip Greene Maryland 

Meredith Saffell Hale Maryland 

William Popplein Hall, HI Maryland 

John Simpson Harshey Pennsylvania 

Albert Frank Heck Maryland 

William Joseph Hicken Maryland 

Arthur Clark Holmes Maryland 

Robert Harvey Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Jay Norman Karpa Maryland 

Richard Hubbard Keller Utah 

James Michael Kelsh Maryland 

James Jude Kelso Maryland 

Frank Kenneth Kriz, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Melvin Levin Maryland 

Howard Stanley Levin Maryland 

Arthur Litofsky Maryland 

Robert Carpenter Macon Maryland 

Donald Frederick Manger Maryland 

William John Marshall, Jr Ohio 

Gerald Timothy McInerney New York 

Joseph Anthony Mead, Jr Maryland 

John Jerome Paul Merendino. .Mari/iand 

Ernest Eugene Moore West Virginia 

Robert Bernard Joseph Mulvaney 

New Jersey 

Roy Wade Ortel Maryland 

John Goedeke Orth Maryland 

Ayland Midgley Ottinger Utah 

Charles E. Parker Maryland 

Antonio Perez-Santiago Puerto Rico 

Michael Donald Potash Maryland 

Jay Thomas Rauh Maryland 

Maurice Merrick Reeder Maryland 

Lewis Hilliard Richmond Maryland 

Robert Joseph Robl Maryland 

Harold Roll Maryland 

J. Douglass Shepperd, Jr Maryland 

Charles Eliot Silberstein Maryland 

Granger Gideon Sutton, Jr D. C. 

Raymond E. Swanson Maryland 

James Edgar Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Tilles Maryland 

James Harold Tyer Connecticut 

William Todd Ward Maryland 

Adrian Saltzman Weyn Maryland 

Richard Louis Wolfe Maryland 

Philip David Zieve Maryland 

James Benson Zimmerman Ohio 


Candidates will be presented by Myron S. Aisenberg, D.D.S., Dean of the School 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Ralph Richard Asadourian 

New Hampshire 

Ronald James Bauerle Connecticut 

Carl Mitchell Baumann Florida 

Philip Stanley Benzil Florida 

Thomas Henry Birney California 

Stanley Earle Block Maryland 

Joseph Paul Bodo, Jr Florida 

Stuart Harmon Brager Maryland 

Harry Edward Brandau, Jr Maryland 

Charles Daniel Broe, Jr Massachusetts 

Robert Sherman Brown New Jersey 

John Paul Burton West Virginia 

Charles Wallace Buttner Florida 

Enrique Rafael Capo Puerto Rico 

Robert Ernest Chait Florida 

Virgil Lewis Chambers West Virginia 

George Elmore Collins Maryland 

Martin Richard Crytzer Pennsylvania 

Stanley Carl Del Tufo New Jersey 


William Clinton DENisoN-.TFest Virginia 

F. Lee Eggnatz Florida 

Melvin Feiler New Jersey 

Dayton Carroll Ford West Virginia 

Jose Antonio Fuentes Puerto Rico 

John William Gannon, jR...We8t Virginia 

Richard Chris Georgiades Florida 

Robert Goren Maryland 

Barbara Lorraine Greco New Jersey 

Anton Grobani Maryland 

Fernando Haddock, Jr Puerto Rico 

Robert William Haroth Maryland 

Barry Ronald Harris Maryland 

Richard McFern Hemphill 

West Virginia 
Gerald Franklin HoFFMAti... .Connecticut 

Or\ille Clayton Hurst, Jr Maryland 

Paul Harvey Hyland Delaware 

William Louis Hyman Florida 

Allen Burton Itkin Connecticut 

Lawrence Paul Jacobs Delaware 

Alfred Howard Jansen, Jr Maryland 

Robert Mathis Johnson Maryland 

LiviA Kalnins Maryland 

Paul Franklin Kiefman Virginia 

Robert Harmon McLloyd Killpack..U tah 

Anthony Joseph Klein, Jr New York 

Robert L. LaFon Maryland 

William Edgar Landefeld, Jr Maryland 

David Rodman Lecrone Delaware 

Walter Prudden Leonard Florida 

John Frank Lessig Maryland 

Herbert Gary Levin Maryland 

Donald Palmer Lewis Massachusetts 

Benedict Salvatore LiPira Maryland 

Garrett Isaac Long, Jr Maryland 

Luis F. Lucca-Rivera Puerto Rico 

Albert Silveira Luiz Massachusetts 

Lawford Earle Magruder, Jr Maryland 

Clyde Danforth Marlow Florida 

Carlos Rafael Matos Puerto Rico 

Edward Robert McLaughlin 


David Frederick Mehlisch Maryland 

Raymond Dennis Menton, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Nicholas Micelotti 

Ralph Charles Monroe Maine 

Paul Masashi Morita New Jersey 

Richard Warren Moss Florida 

James Edward Nadeau Massachusetts 

William Harold Neilund Maryland 

Philip Patrick Nolan Maryland 

Ralph Fields Norwood, jR...West Virginia 
Guy Sullivan O'Brien, 3R...South Carolina 

Charles Irving Osman Florida 

Warren Andrew Parker New Jersey 

Bienvenido Perez, Jr New York 

Joseph Marion Powell South Carolina 

Ralph Weyman Price Virginia 

Alan Shia Resnek Massachusetts 

Henry Edward Richter, jR...Pennsylvania 

Peter Arthur Rubelman Florida 

John Sidney Rushton Virginia 

Edward Thomas Ryan, lIL.Massachusetts 
Robert Nicholas SANTANGELcNew Jersey 

Lawrence Donald Sarubin Maryland 

James Augustus Schaefer New York 

Leonard Stanley Schneider Maryland 

Howard Schwartz New Jersey 

Irwin B, Schwartz New Jersey 

Robert Jay Schwartz Florida 

David H. Shamer Maryland 

Charles Irvine Shelton West Virginia 

Elwood Stanley Snyder, 3R...New Jersey 

Cyril Stanton Sokale Connecticut 

Edward William Spinelli, Jr. 


Howard Stanton Spurrier Utah 

John Francis Spychalski New York 

Ivan Lee Starr New Jersey 

Ronald Martin Starr Maryland 

Elizabeth Lee Stewart Maryland 

William Andrew Stout New York 

Marvin Howard Tawes, Jr Maryland 

Linn Shecut Tompkins, Jr. 

South Carolina 

Frank Trotto, Jr Ohio 

Donald Herbert Wadsworth Florida 

William James Washuta Florida 

David Allen Watson Maryland 

Louis Weiss Maryland 

William Alvin Wolf Connecticut 

Rodger August Zelles New Jersey 

Gerald Zimmerman New Jersey 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Roger Howell, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Laws 

Robert Marvin Arnold Maryland 

Joseph Jay Askin Maryland 

George Edward Bahen Maryland 

Elmer G. Berling, Jr Kentucky 

Jack F. Billig Maryland 

Raymond Michael Blank Blaryland 

Marvin Edward Brave Maryland 

Roy Stanley Brenner Maryland 

Charles Cahn, II Maryland 

William Maulsby Canby Maryland 

John Francis Cashen Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Davidson Maryland 

John Henry Ditto, Jr Maryland 

Carville Moffatt Downes Maryland 

Thomas Nicholls Evans, Jr Maryland 

Robert Emmett Farnell, 3rd....Maryland 

Joel David Fedder Maryland 

Mark Gilbert Feikin Maryland 

Edgar Lee Feingold Maryland 

Richard Frederick Free Maryland 

Samuel Lyles Freeland Maryland 

Charles Aryah Friedman Maryland 

Donald Ward Fulton Maryland 

Michael W, Ganzhorn Maryland 

David Hillary Gilbert Maryland 

Dominico Joseph Gioioso Maryland 

Martin Burnham Greenfeld Maryland 

Leroy Handwerger Maryland 

Marvin W. Happel Maryland 

Joel Ansell Harmatz Maryland 

Albert Louis Harrison Maryland 

Charles Allan Herndon, Jr Maryland 

Robert Frederick HocHWARTH....Mari//and 

Edward Joseph Kroupa, Jr Maryland 

Robert Vincent Lazzaro Maryland 

Charles Philip Logan, Jr Maryland 

Richard Eugene Lovell Maryland 

Dene Lonier Lusby Maryland 

Elwood Paul Maschmeyer Maryland 

Mary Jacqueline McCurdy Maryland 

John Gordon McDonald, Jr Maryland 

Saul John McGrane Maryland 

Arthur Vinton Myers, Jr Maryland 

William Carson Norwood Maryland 

Jan Anthony Obst Maryland 

Robert Lee Oppenheim Maine 

Glenn Charles Parker Maryland 

Preston Frank Payne Maryland 

John Joseph Phillips Maryland 

Edward Raskin Maryland 

Arthur Lawrence Rocklin Maryland 

William R. Ross Wyoming 

Joseph Milton Roulhac Maryland 

Ronald Lee Schreiber Maryland 

Nelson Bernard Seidman Maryland 

Lionel Malcolm Shapiro Maryland 

James Harvey Shaw Maryland 

Francis Xavier Shevlin Maryland 

Harry K. Shock Maryland 

DeHaven Laws Smith Maryland 

Harry Leonard Smith Maryland 

Robert Eugene Smith Maryland 

Hervey Russell Smouse Maryland 

Robert Noel Spence Maryland 

Forrest Wales Thomas Maryland 

John Charles Tracey Maryland 

Samuel Markel Trivas Maryland 

Stanley Irvin Trivas Maryland 

Richard Anthony Urbus Maryland 

David Sherby Weinberg Maryland 

William Watkins Wenner Maryland 

Robert Gibson Wheeler Maryland 

Robert Hagedorn Wilhide Maryland 

Certificate of Proficiency 
Hanan Yakov Sibel Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Dennis Arthur Abdalla Maryland 

Edgar Earl Adams, Jr Maryland 

Joshua Dawson Ahalt Maryland 

Robert Bruce Alexander Pennsylvania 

Louis Carroll Arrington Maryland 

Walter Carroll Bay Maryland 

Martin Luthesi Bell Maryland 

Robert Alexander Berry, Jr Maryland 

Shirley Eugene Theodore Bogan 


Robert Martin Briden Maryland 

George Eugene Burgly Pennsylvania 

Stuart Nelson Carlisle Maryland 

Alan Barry Carr Maryland 

Robert Stanley Chandler Maryland 

Ronald Albert Cline Maryland 

Andrew Watson Conaway, Z^... Maryland 

Spyros Sydney Constantinos Maryland 

Richard Allen Creager Maryland 

Jesse Joseph Crook Maryland 

Charles Melvin Cummings Maryland 

Edward Earl DeWitt Maryland 

Peter Hudson Drayer Maryland 

Rex Edward Thomas Dull D. C. 

William Downing Duvall D. C. 

Edwin Earle Edel Maryland 

Morris Franklin Favorite Maryland 

Agustin Fernandez Colombia 

James Richard Freeny, II Maryland 

Reed Eugene Friend Maryland 

Joseph Michael Garvey, Jr Maryland 

Harold Charles Green Maryland 

James Leonard Hannan Maryland 

Guy Lynwood Haviland, Jr New York 

Herbert Webb Hoffman Connecticut 

Joseph Anthony Horak Maryland 

Paul Harrison Hower Virginia 

Charles Lee Hunley Maryland 

Maynard Wayne Johnson New York 

Thomas Leroy Johnson Maryland 

Richard Peery Johnston, Jr Maryland 

Richard Lee Kemp Maryland 

Howard William Kerr, Jr Maryland 

Tannus Sirhal Khalil Lebanon 

Bertram Ashbridge King Maryland 

Walter Allen Kinsey Maryland 

Gerald Milton Loper Maryland 

Louis Alonzo Malkus Maryland 

William Warren Martel Maryland 

Donald Francis Marth Maryland 

George S. W. Marvin D. C. 

John Marshall Mason Maryland 

William Allston Mattingly Maryland 

James Franklin McConnell Maryland 

James Riley McCrumb Maryland 

Samuel McCauley Meredith Maryland 

Thomas Oliver Meredith, Jr Maryland 

Wayne Lavine Milstead Maryland 

Harry Earl Mitchell, Jr D. C. 

Richard Craig Moffett Maryland 

Fernando Serrano Monge Maryland 

Patrick Henry Murray Maryland 

Harold Lawrence Norton Maryland 

Anthony Osretkar Maryland 

Wilbur Brown Pearce Maryland 

Robert Henry Plante New Jersey 

William Rodenbaugh Powel Maryland 

Edgar C. Quillin Maryland 

Patricia Anne Quinby Maryland 

James Jerome Redmond Maryland 

Herbert Francis Righter Maryland 

Eduardo Ramon Roux Maryland 

William F. Ruback Maryland 

Ronald Travers Sappington Maryland 

Elmer Frank Sauer Maryland 

Paula Mae Schlatre Maryland 

Stanley Francies Schmidt Maryland 

John William Schrufer Maryland 

David William Scott Maryland 

Nancy Alice Sears Maryland 

Charles Thomas Sherman D. C. 

Lawrence William Smith, Jr. 

West Virginia 

Louis Lee Smith Maryland 

Norman Gary Smith Maryland 

John Theodore Stegmaier Maryland 

John Norris Straughn Maryland 

William Busteed Streett Maryland 

William Venter, Jr Pennsylvania 

HoRACio Vivas Nicaragua 

Charles Dorsey Warfield, lII....Maryland 

Steen Gosta Westerberg Maryland 

Wilton Roland Zaiser Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Leon P. Smith, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Joan Anita Adams Maryland 

Michael John Aiello Maryland 

Darwin Dee Albers D. C. 

Anthony Joseph Anastasi Maryland 

Vera Kate Andreasen Maryland 

Geraldine Appleman D. C. 

Phillip Bruce Austensen Maryland 

Charles John Ballman, Jr Maryland 

LiLA Mueller Bishop Maryland 

Howard Randolph Bolduc Maryland 

Hal Eugene Booher Marylayid 

Patricia Ann Bott Maryland 

Robert William Bouder Maryland 

Philip Jerome Bourbon D. C. 

Jack Wallace Bowerman Maryland 

George Driv'Er Bragaw, Jr Maryland 

CoRiNNE Barbara Brandon Maryland 

Joan Gertrude Breden Maryland 

Thomas James Brennan Maryland 

Louise Miriam Brill Maryland 

Alice D. Brown Maryland 

Josef Burton Brown Maryland 

Richard Sutton Buck, IV Maryland 

Betty R. Burgess Maryland 

Marian Gail Caffrey Virginia 

Alexander Campbell D. C. 

Elsa Theone Carlson Maryland 

William Mackenzie Cave Maryland 

Nancy Anthony Chedester D. C. 

Maybelle Hutson Chitwood Marylayid 

Peter Edward Clark New Jersey 

Jon Barber Closson Maryland 

Betty Ann Clute Delaware 

Mary Patricia Cobey Maryland 

Jerome Frank Cohn Maryland 

Robert Warren Coleburn Maryland 

Francis Donald Collins Maryland 

Lorraine Marie Connolly Maryland 

John Henry Conrad Maryland 

James Clement Conway Maryland 

Caroline Shippey Cook D. C. 

Martha Ruth Corcoran Maryland 

Harry Emmett Cranford Maryland 

Gerard Peter Criscuolo Maryland 

Vincent Joseph Croghan, Jr Maryland 

Mary Chambers Crooks Maryland 

William James Cunningham, Jr. 


Jill Marie Curtis D. C. 

Carol Cushard Maryland 

John Thomas Daily Maryland 

Sarah Ann Dallam Maryland 

Jonathan David Maryland 

Jacqueline Rose Dean Maryland 

James Earl Dizon Maryland 

Sheryl Dorman Maryland 

Edward Patrick Doyle Maryland 

Robert Anderson Dunham Maryland 

Ralph Weller Edwards Maryland 

James Orville Eggleston Maryland 

Grace Mary Ellis Maryland 

Mary Lynn Ellis Maryland 

Michael Evancho New Jersey 

Martha Bond Evans Maryland 

Ottorino Felluca Maryland 

Leo Garnett Fitchett Virginia 

Robert Fayette Fowler Maryland 

Frederick William Frei, Jr Maryland 

Peter Freivalds D. C. 

SoNYA Rose Friedman Maryland 

Edward Mark Frieman Maryland 

John Robert Fritsch Pennsylvania 

Bourne Andrew Garner Maryland 

Margaret Jane Gates Maryland 

Philip Franklin Gleason Connecticut 

Vernon Joseph Goertz, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Engle Goetz Maryland 

Carole Baker Goldman Maryland 

Myra Bess Goldsmith Maryland 

David Goodman Maryland 

Richard Herrell Gossom Virginia 

Hugh Wayne Gourley Maryland 

Mildred Anne Granducci D. C. 

Alva Burr Grim Virginia 

Susan Dorothy GTi.iMS,\\xvf ....Pennsylvania 

Sebastian Peter Grossman Maryland 

Michael Miller Hadaway Maryland 

Hazel Dorothy Ham Maryland 

Robert Michael Haskey Maryland 

Phyllis Beryl Heflin Maryland 

Reba Renee Heyman Maryland 

Ev'ELYN Taylor Hicks Maryland 

Thomas Patterson Hinson Maryland 

Wilbur Ross Hockersmith Maryland 

Joyce Leonard Hoffman Maryland 

Mary Paula Holloway Maryland 


Edward Joseph Holoka Pennsylvania 

Jean Cokey Holroyd Maryland 

Richard Garrett Holroyd Maryland 

Suzanne Eilene Hood Maryland 

John Robert Hopkins Maryland 

Margaret Ann Hudson D. C. 

Frank Saunders Hundley, Jr Maryland 

Warren Daniel Hurley Maryland 

Carolyn Esther Jacobson Virginia 

George Eugene Jarboe D. C. 

Robert Leedy Johnston Maryland 

Carolyn Anthony Jones Maryland 

Janet Louise Jones Maryland 

Norma Reed Jones Maryland 

Marshall Peter Kaputsos Maryland 

Charles Robert Kase, Jr Delaware 

Joseph Edward Kastanek Maryland 

Frederick William KAVFUAi^N.. Mary land 

William Koras Maryland 

Millie Korn Maryland 

Dean Richard Koth Maryland 

Eileen Ruth Kotzin Maryland 

Elsbeth Leimomi Kunzig Maryland 

Arlys Reitz LaFehr California 

Charles Henry LANDENBERGER..„Mar?/Zand 

Christopher Seddon Larke Maryland 

Joseph James Lazzarino Maryland 

Herbert Levenstein Maryland 

JoLENE Ann Litzinger Maryland 

Helen May Long Massachusetts 

James Anthony Lowery Maryland 

Jean Carolyn Mace D. C. 

Mary Lou Maddox D. C. 

Walter Anthony Magee Maryland 

Susan Joy Margolin Maryland 

Thomas Arnold Mariani Maryland 

Johanna Bach Martin Maryland 

Ann Martha McCoRMACK....Massac/iMsetfs 

Alice Lynn McGinnis Maryland 

Laura Lee McGinnis Maryland 

Frances Joy McGuire Maryland 

Charles Bruce McIntire Maryland 

Richard Xavier McLellan, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Francis Meadow Maryland 

Marshall Elliot Megginson, Jr. 

New York 

Eleanor Calvert Meleski Maryland 

Rosemary Miller D. C. 

Mary Eddie Mitchell Maryland 

Andrew Maria Modelski Maryland 

Donald Monroe Moore D. C. 

Maxine Kern Morse Maryland 

Raymond Levon Mott Maryland 

WiLUAM Allen Myers, Jr Maryland 

Judith Mary Neumann Maryland 

Cecil W. Newberry Maryland 

Joseph Edward Noonan, Jr Maryland 

Janice Greer Oxley Maryland 

Meadie Edgar Pace Maryland 

Michelle L. Pache Maryland 

Edward Gerald Paregol D. C. 

Jimmie Roscoe Parker D. C, 

Robert Lawrence Payne Maryland 

Bettie Mae Pergola D. C. 

Phillip Donald Perlo D. C. 

Gale Ann Perry New Jersey 

Electra Pistolas Maryland 

Gary Sheldon Platt New Jersey 

Ronald Marvin Plotkin Maryland 

Carole Ann Polley Maryland 

Allan Posner Maryland 

Kenneth Russell Potter New York 

John Ingram Prince, Jr Maryland 

Adrian Sidney Propst, Jr Maryland 

Bert Raboy D. C. 

Theodore Lee Radomski D. C. 

Karen Rasmussen Maryland 

Ronald Carter Ray New Jersey 

Richard Edward Reckson Florida 

James Regan, HI Maryland 

Joseph Stevan Laavrence Regan 


DiANNA Elizabeth Reiff Virginia 

Jean Ellen Richards D. C. 

Robert William Richins New Jersey 

Michael John Rinaldi Maryland 

Patricia Anne Ritchie D. C. 

Gilbert Morris Rogers Maryland 

Herbert Lester Rollins Maryland 

Wallace Franklin Rollins D. C. 

Lewese Jones Ross Pennsylvania 

Agnes Love Rosser D. C. 

Alice Patricia Rouleau Maryland 

Howard Frederick Rudo Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Runk Maryland 

John Lane Salter Maryland 

Frank Joseph Samstag Maryland 

James Allen Sayler Maryland 

Gary Normon Schreiner Maryland 

Ernest Thomas Schwartz, 3R...Maryland 

William Edward Scott Maryland 

Edward Collins Senseney Maryland 

Patricia Hazel Sherer D. C 

Janet Lee Shipley Maryland 


Russell Wiluam SniPLETi' Maryland 

David Herbert Siegel Maryland 

Kathryn Louise Simmons Maryland 

James Young Simms, Jr Maryland 

John Milton Sine Maryland 

David Henry Sisson Maryland 

Kenneth Dray Small Maryland 

Charles Henry Smith Maryland 

Robert Dixon Smith, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Ruth Sneed Maryland 

Theodore Sheldon Sobkov Maryland 

Ingeborg Sorensen Maryland 

Donald Barry Springer Maryland 

Rome Calender Stahr Maryland 

Stanley Zival Steinberg Maryland 

Nancy Anne Stevtens Maryland 

Raymond Alfred Stevens Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Stockett Maryland 

John Fre:dric Stoler, II Pennsylvania 

Barb.\ra Vaughn Stoner Maryland 

Donald Henry Strasser Maryland 

Joan Lucille Strausbaugh Maryland 

Donald Leonard Stresing New York 

Eugene Irwin Stricker D. C. 

George Mace Summers, Jr D. C 

Patricia Diane Tarrant Maryland 

Charles Edward Taylor New Jersey 

Kenneth Robert Thornton Maryland 

Elizabeth Gilberte 

John Allen Torvestad Maryland 

Thomas Edward Touchet Maryland 

John Charles Tracey Maryland 

Beverly Louise Tutton Maryland 

Frank Charles Underbill New Jersey 

John Garrett Van Sickler Virginia 

Louis John Voss Maryland 

Joan Alene Walen Maryland 

Margaret Blackman WALKER....MaryZand 

John Raymond Wall, Jr Maryland 

Frank Bernard Walsh, Jr Maryland 

John Claud Walter Maryland 

Paul Francis Wattay Maryland 

Leonice Ingersoll Watts Maryland 

Virginia Elizabeth Weber Maryland 

Carleton LLO'i'D Weidemeyer Maryland 

Ellen Miriam Weinstein Maryland 

Bruce Frederic Wellborn Maryland 

Keith Richards Wheeler Maryland 

John Charles White Maryland 

Nancy Lynne White Maryland 

Royden Keith Whitford, III Maryland 

Charles Buddington Whitman, Jr. 


Joseph Warren Wiedel Maryland 

John Franklin Wiley Maryland 

Janet Willcox Maryland 

Bennie Charles Wimberly Maryland 

Barry Wiseman Maryland 

Arthur Roy Woods, III Maryland 

Clare Josephine Wootten Maryland 

William Culver Wright Maryland 

Kenneth Jerome Zareswitz Maryland 

Judith Helen Zervitz Maryland 

Raymond Melvyn Zimmet D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Marion Thomas Alexander Maryland 

Daniel Lawrence Allgeier Maryland 

Philip Martin Altomare Maryland 

Joseph Fred Baker Maryland 

Michael Alan Balenson Maryland 

Steven Edwards Beasley Maryland 

Edward Lynn Beightol, Jr Maryland 

Della Jane Birdsong D. C. 

Thomas Howard Bodmer Maryland 

Robert Bruce Bokat Maryland 

Joseph George Boone Maryland 

J. Clinton Brown Maryland 

Paul Burgan Maryland 

Earl LeRoy Chambers, Jr Maryland 

Edward Eugene Chaney Maryland 

George Gary Clendenin Maryland 

Carolyn Jean Cobb Maryland 

Michael John Collins, Jr Maryland 

Richard Hanby Dale Maryland 

Albert Louis Danoff Maryland 

William Conaway Davis, Jr Maryland 

Donald Edward Deem Maryland 

Charles Robert DeRose Maryland 

William Howard Dickson Maryland 

Robert Edgar Dinker Maryland 

Morton MA'i'ER Ehudin Maryland 

Robert Philip Feaga Maryland 

Harvey Samuel Feuerman Maryland 

Virginia Esther Fiora D. C. 

Shalom Fisher Maryland 

Harry Harner Flickinger Maryland 

A. Leo Franklin Maryland 

Donald Melvin Franklin Maryland 


Carmen Anthony Fratto New Jersey 

Paul Oliver Frederickson Maryland 

Franklin F. Frush Maryland 

Bruce Gordon Gallagher Maryland 

Sherman Paul Gesben Maryland 

Joseph Giardina Maryland 

Darrell James Gillespie Maryland 

David Lee Gordon Maryland 

Dean Harp Griffin Maryland 

Frederic Burton Groman Maryland 

Peter Hauk Maryland 

Irvin Franklin Haw^kins Maryland 

Franklin Ross Hayden Maryland 

David Donald Henley Maryland 

Frank Hampden Hering Maryland 

Jerome Herbert Herman Maryland 

May Hsiao-Ling Yu Ho Maryland 

Sanford Sonny Hochman Maryland 

James Lewis Hooper Maryland 

Robert Roy Hottel, Jr Maryland 

Daisy Ruth Hughes West Virginia 

Stanley Elliott Hyatt Maryland 

Richard Wayne Hyland Maryland 

William Thompson Johnstone Ohio 

Leroy Ellwood Kagle Maryland 

William Richard Kane New York 

Leeds Edward Katzen Maryland 

James Curtis Kilby Maryland 

Marquitta Diana Klein Maryland 

Elliot Donald Kocen Maryland 

Edward Jay Koenigsberg Maryland 

Joseph Francis Konieczny, jR...Maryland 

Franklin Paul Koontz Maryland 

Jacob Ian Krampf Maryland 

Ulrich Herman Kurzweg Maryland 

James Douglas Lamb Maryland 

Joseph William Lapides Maryland 

Martin Albert Levin Maryland 

Marvin Paul Levin Maryland 

Harvey Lipman Maryland 

Edwin Ralph Luxenberg Maryland 

Kenneth George Magee New Jersey 

John Housden Lane Marsh ALL..Marj/iawd 

Mary Edson McDonnell Maryland 

John Timothy McGirr Maryland 

Andrew Francis MchAVGHhiu... .Maryland 

Patricia Ann Metz Maryland 

Myron B. Michaelson Maryland 

Warren Gary Miller Maryland 

Stanley Lewis Minken Maryland 

William Floyd Moore Delaware 

Ronald Glenn Morrison Maryland 

Marilynn Faye Morton Virginia 

John Vernon Mullendore Maryland 

Harry Randall Munson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Thomas Murphy Maryland 

John Worthington Myers Maryland 

Elizabeth Barratt Neal Maryland 

Bruce Gus Norton Maryland 

Richard John Novak Maryland 

Roberto Ocana Panama 

Edward Thomas O'Toole, Jr Maryland 

Morton Joseph Owrutsky Maryland 

Selvin Passen Maryland 

William Edwin Paupe Maryland 

Mara Solveiga Perlbachs Maryland 

Allan Buckner Pertnoy Maryland 

Jordan Crandel Pratt Maryland 

Joan Miriam Rinehart Maryland 

Norman Barry Roland Maryland 

Jerome Ross Maryland 

Sheldon Allen Rudie Maryland 

WiLLOTT David Saxberg Maryland 

Robert Lee Schaufele Maryland 

George Carl Schmieler Pennsylvania 

Roger Clare Sears Ohio 

Emanuel Henry Silverstein Maryland 

Morton Edward Smith Maryland 

Philip Tyler Smith Maryland 

Valerie Jean Solanas Maryland - 

Calvin Benjamin Spencer, Jr Maryland 

Richard Rider Stephenson Maryland 

John Richard Stram Massachusetts 

Alan Jay Trager Maryland 

William Edward Trail Maryland 

Joseph Raymond Tyrrell, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Evans Updike Maryland 

Ann Van de Putte Maryland 

Jerome Jacob Weinstein Maryland 

Hosea Dewitt White, Jr Maryland 

Hubert Ruark White, Jr Maryland 

Mary Kathryn White Maryland 

Eva-Marie Erika Wolf Maryland 

Claire Beckham Wolford Maryland 

Gary Lee Womer Maryland 

Harlow Wright Virginia 

Guy Geoffrey Ziegler Connecticut 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. J. Freeman Pyle, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Essler Abel Maryland 

Carl Henry Albers Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Allen Maryland 

John Edward Allen Massachusetts 

Robert Amedeo Amadio Pennsylvania 

Salustiano Sanchez AMATO....New Jersey 

John Norman Amberson Maryland 

James Phillip Anderson Maryland 

James Densel Armel Maryland 

George Franklin Atwell Virginia 

Rudy Krikor Avadikian Maryland 

Joseph Edward Baden D. C. 

Robert Wendell Baker Pennsylvania 

David Sheldon Band D. C. 

Richard Leon Baradet Maryland 

Ronald Bartell New Jersey 

Frank Richard Bavosa New Jersey 

Joseph Paul Beavan Maryland 

Barbara Ann Bechtoldt New Jersey 

Thomas Peter Beller Maryland 

George Vernon Berberian, Jr Maryland 

James Bien Maryland 

Frank Charles Bobart, Jr Maryland 

James Edmond Booth Maryland 

Boyd Ira Warren Bounds Maryland 

Carole Hilary Bowie Maryland 

Harry Sidney Bowman Maryland 

Edna Maxine Bo^T-R Maryland 

Charles Thomas Brannan, jR...Maryland 

Robert Tracy Brown, Jr Maryland 

Wallace Edward Brown Maryland 

William Gregory Brumfiel Maryland 

Francis Louis Bruno Maryland 

Douglas Harmon Burch Maryland 

Donald Robert Burkholder Maryland 

William Kirkland Byrd Maryland 

Albert J. Gamut Maryland 

Anne Messick Cannon D. C. 

Raymond Davis Cannon Virginia 

Robert Patrick Carey Maryland 

Burton Sherwood Carnegie New York 

Huron Willis Case Maryland 

John F. Cassidy, Jr D. C. 

Salvatore Vincent CAVALLARO....Mar^/and 

David Charles Champion Maryland 

Thomas Adrian Clary Virginia 

Charles Henry Conner Maryland 

Roger Glenn Coonrod Maryland 

Doris Ella Cooper West Virginia 

Edward Charles Covahey, Jr Maryland 

Vernon Clair Creamer Maryland 

Kenneth Boyce Crowell Maryland 

Richard Marr Crowley Maryland 

Sheldon Gerson Dagurt Maryland 

George William Darlington Maryland 

Morton Darvin Maryland 

Richard Stanley David Maryland 

Jacob Brantly Davis Maryland 

Alexander Adamson Dawson Maryland 

Donald E. Day Maryland 

Charles Nelson Dean Maryland 

John Paul Dean Maryland 

Nick Anthony DeCicco New York 

Edmund Monroe DeVelin Pennsylvania 

Robert Grant Dexter Maryland 

James Douglas Dixon, III Maryland 

Daniel do Carmo, Jr Maryland 

John Wesley Dorsey, Jr Maryland 

Wallace Edward Downey, Jr Maryland 

Edward Saunders Dunlap Maryland 

Edward Patrick Dunn Maine 

Patricia Ann Duvall Maryland 

Edward James Dyas, Jr Maryland 

Walter Clyde Eanes, Jr Maryland 

James Alonzo Early, Jr Maryland 

Donald Lee Eiler Maryland 

Robert Elliot Emery Maryland 

John Wilfred Evans, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas Thomas Evans Maryland 

Eugene Paul Famiglietti D. C. 

Seymour Farbman Maryland 

VanKirk Edwin Fehr, Jr Maryland 

David Bothwell Ferris Maryland 

Dennis Waller FitzGerald D. C. 

Robert Farrer Fitzpatrick Maryland 

Robert Douglas Forsythe Maryland 

Roger Merlan Frady Maryland 

Cecilia Marie Franz Maryland 

Hyson Sonny Freiman Maryland 

Carl Alan Fretts Maryland 

Robert Whitaker Frost Maryland 

Glenn Eugene Funkhouser Maryland 


Carl Donald Gall D. C. 

James M. Garcia Nerv York 

James Hamilton Garrett, Jr Maryland 

Patrick Orin Gates D. C. 

Bernard Francis Gatti Maryland 

Joan Lee Gaylor Maryland 

William Thom Geiger Maryland 

Alan Burton Geller New York 

Ernest Anthony Gerardi, Jr Maryland 

Allen Neal Gerstel Maryland 

August Henry Gewecke Maryland 

William Thomas Gillen New York 

Milton Edwin Godfrey, Jr Maryland 

Neil Munro Goen D. C. 

Charles Frank Goldston Maryland 

William Franklin Griffith Maryland 

William Chester Gulden Maryland 

James Wilford Habermehl Maryland 

Robert Shippen Hachten D. C. 

Donald John Hahn Maryland 

Warren J. Hak New Jersey 

Carole Jean Hall Virginia 

Glenn Oleon Hall, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Robert Hardiman Maryland 

Roger Edward Harper Illinois 

John William Harrill Maryland 

Joseph Ludwig Hartinger Maryland 

George William Harvey New Jersey 

David Reed Heinly Maryland 

Donald Norman Helfstein Maryland 

William Robert Hendricks Nexv Jersey 

Robert Bruce Herbert Maryland 

Marilyn Harriet Hess New Jersey 

Albert Thompson Heyser Maryland 

James Beattie Hockersmith, Jr. 


Landon Burton Holt, Jr D. C. 

Charles Brooks Hubbert Maryland 

Alfred Graf Huber Maryland 

Matthew James Hubert, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Kelly Hunt Maryland 

Edward Wilson Hutley Pennsylvania 

Houston Glover Ingram Maryland 

John David Jackson Virginia 

John Howard Jackson Maryland 

Arthur Stephen Jacobs Pennsylvania 

Joseph William Janssens, 3R...New Jersey 

Mary Jev/ D. C. 

Frank Rochambeau Joesting, Jr. 


Frank Edwin Johnson, Jr D. C. 

John Gibson Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Robert Jones Maryland 

John Wesley Jones Maryland 

Frederick Augustava Jugel ..Maryland 

Fr-A-nk Wallace Just ...Jlfari/tend 

Jack Kanofsky D. C. 

Thomas Stanley Katz ..........Maryland 

Allen Patrick Keiser ..........Maryland 

Melvin Carroll Keller .........Maryland 

Eugene Edward Kelley .........Maryland 

Charles Edward Kelly .....Maryland 

Deforest Holt KENNARD.....,...„....Mor|/Zand 

Henry Wayne Kennedy .........Maryland 

Robert Louis Kiatta D. C. 

Joan Marie Stogner King ....Maryland 

Robert William Kinzie .........Maryland 

Henry George Kirschenmann, Jr. 


Carroll Julian Kite .Maryland 

Curtis Durwood Knight........ ......Marj/Zand 

Edward George Knight Maryland 

Frederick Paul Koch .......New Jersey 

William Steve Kramer Maryland 

Bruce Laing Laser Maryland 

Adam William Leeman, Jr Maryland 

James Russell Leonard Maryland 

James Alphonso Long, III. .........Maryland 

Carroll Bassett Lord J\!ew Jersey 

Philip Francis Loria Virginia 

Isaac Taylor Love Maryland 

Jack Forrester LowE-SBEBG..........Maryland 

Peter Herold Ludewig ........Maryland 

Erik Henry Lundvall ...Maryland 

Norbert Mandell Lustine D. C. 

Charles Read Madary, Jr......... ..Maryland 

Conrad Stephen M alloy Maryland 

Peter George Manouse Maryland 

Anthony Ernest Manuel Maryland 

Edward Everett Marsh, Jr. Maryland 

Charles Edward Mattes Maryland 

Jeremiah Edmond McAuliffe D. C. 

Edward Francis McCann.,.. Maryland 

George William McCeney.... Maryland 

Louis Elder McConnell Maryland 

John Joyce McGinness, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Richard McIntyre Maryland 

Malcolm Steven Meader.... ....Maryland 

Charles Carroll Miller, Jr Maryland 

Howard Beryl Miller Maryland 

Stanley Alexander Mills Maryland 

Lawrence Millstein D. C 

Jean Wasson Milstead Maryland 

George Dwight Mock, Jr Maryland 

Robert Edward Moran, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Anthony Murray Maryland 

Russell Myers Maryland 

Robert Anthony Nardone ....New Jersey 


Benny Joseph Negro Maryland 

James Arthur Nogle Maryland 

Philip Franklin Norton Maryland 

Martin Alan Novak Maryland 

Harvt:y Malcolm Nusbaum Maryland 

Carl Oesterle, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph O'Neil New Jersey 

John Murray O'Neill Maryland 

Lawrence Frank Parachini, Jr. 


Martin Lewis Parks Maryland 

Jack William Peddicord Maryland 

Robert Gene Pemberton D. C. 

Victor John Pepe Maryland 

John Al\7N Peters Maryland 

Richard Lyle Phillips New York 

Kenneth Lantz Pierson Maryland 

James Henry Pitts Maryland 

Fred Thomas Plybon, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Jacques Porter Maryland 

Samuel Povar Neiv York 

William Thomas Rains Tennessee 

William Lawrence Ramey Virginia 

Jacob Ray Ramsburg, Jr Maryland 

William Arthur Randall, Jr Maryland 

David Lee Rankin Maryland 

Janet Marian Rasmussen Maryland 

Ronald Dean Raynie Maryland 

Richard George Reid Maryland 

Jack Prentiss Richards Maryland 

Robert Joseph Riley Maryland 

Boris Rodner Maryland 

Sylvan Leonard Rottman Maryland 

Harry Rovin Maryland 

Leo Joseph Roy, Jr Rhode Island 

Robert Rudner Connecticut 

Conrad Norman Russell Maryland 

Joseph Sachs Maryland 

Stephen Jay Saks Maryland 

Thomas Daniel Scanlon Maryland 

William Roy Schiller D. C. 

Jerome Ira Schnitzer Maryland 

Robert Anthony Scogna Maryland 

William Lee Scrivner Maryland 

Phyllis Ruth Segal D. C. 

Louis Seidel Maryland 

L Marshall Seidler Maryland 

Edmund Earnest Seyfried, jR...Maryland 

Ira Herbert Shapiro Maryland 

John Harlow Sharp Maryland 

Frank Taylor Shull, III Maryland 

Edwin Herbert Shulman D. C. 

Jeffrey Harris Sidney Maryland 

Harvey Jerry Siegel Maryland 

Robert Lewis Simons Maryland 

Ernest I. Smelkinson Maryland 

Frederick Charles Smeltzer Maryland 

Robert Stephens Smith Maryland 

Robert Francis Snow Maryland 

George Emil Sommers New York 

Marco S. Sonnenschein Maryland 

James Richard Speicher Maryland 

John Edward Stevens Massachusetts 

James Maxwell Stine Maryland 

John Stopa Netv Jersey 

James Bernard Stradtner Maryland 

Jan Arthur Strompf Maryland 

Sidney Ervin Sussman Maryland 

James Everett Talley Pennsylvania 

Lola Tarleton Maryland 

Frank Daniel Thomas Maryland 

George Wesley Townsend Neio Jersey 

Richard James Troche Maryland 

William Arthur Turner Maryland 

William Harry Turner Maryland 

Albert Joseph Vacovsky Maryland 

Richard Charles Wagner Maryland 

Mason Edward Wallace, Jr Maryland 

Doris Ann Walter D. C. 

Charles Marion Walther, Jr Maryland 

George Anthony Ward Maryland 

William Warshauer, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Morton Wasserman Maryland 

John Eugene Waters Maryland 

Richard Stevenson Watt Maryland 

George Edward Weast, Jr D. C. 

Nile Junior Webb Maryland 

David Anthony Wedding Maryland 

George Aloysius Weinkam, jR...Maryland 

Ernest John Weiss, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth George Wicka Michigan 

Kenneth Calvin Wiley, Jr Maryland 

Virgil Perry Willson Illinois 

Jack Wayne Wilson Maryland 

Edward John Wiscott Maryland 

Seymour Lee Witcoff D. C. 

Donald Edward Witten Maryland 

John Warren Wolfe Maryland 

John Edward Woodall Maryland 

Lester Anthony Worch, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Edgar Wyant D. C. 

Bernard Saul Yedinak Maryland 

Herbert Clarence Young, Jr Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Vernon E. Anderson, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Mary Wimberley Anderson Maryland 

Charles LeBron Ballew Maryland 

Mildred Frances Berger D. C. 

Hannah W. Blitz Manjland 

Eugene White Burroughs, III Virginia 

Sue Marie Coad D. C. 

William Bice Coates Maryland 

Gail Rudie Cohn Maryland 

Eugene James Colgan Maryland 

Charlotte Mae Collins Maryland 

Shirley Ann Rush Dean Maryland 

Andrea Willene Deardorff Marj/land 

Doris June Fairall Maryland 

Louis Ness Ferguson Maryland 

Pearl Joan Gold Maryland 

Milton Benjamin Goldinger Maryland 

Diane Marie Gysel Maryland 

Revanne Hoffman Maryland 

Margaret Juanita Johnson Virginia 

Donna Judith Katz Maryland 

John Keplinger, Jr Maryland 

Isaac Kinek Maryland 

Judith Ann Larmour Netv Jersey 

Albert Sumner Lawrence, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Camille LeGore Maryland 

Salvatore Donald Marani Maryland 

Eleanor Estelle McVearry Maryland 

Catherine Elizabeth M-ORGA^i... .Maryland 

Thomas Edwin Moseley Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Marie Mumford Maryland 

John William Newland Maryland 

Anne Fletcher Newman New Jersey 

Helen Marilon Nixon Maryland 

Thomas George Odell Maryland 

Barbara Suzanne Pike Maryland 

Melissa Meyer Pilchard Maryland 

Julie Maxine Radlinski New York 

How.\RD Martin Rebach Maryland 

M.\deline Janet Rosky Maryland 

Esther Repps Rotkin Maryland 

Janet Marlene Santen Maryland 

Betty Je.a.nne Seibert Maryland 

Benjamin Francis Sheppard, Jr. 


Janice Mae Smith Maryland 

Barbara Ann Standera Maryland 

Grace Carmichael Tunnicliffe.. Virfirima 

Ernest Russell Wall Maryland 

Barnsley Edgar Warfield Maryland 

Margaret Ann Wayble Maryland 

Joan Carol Light Winn Maryland 

Diane Yoffee Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Doris Roberta Aaronson D. C. 

William Robert Abel Maryland 

Audrey Mae Adams Maryland 

Samuel Edward Adams Maryland 

Jean Marjorie Adamson Australia 

Alice Josephine Akehurst Maryland 

Laura Ley Alexander Maryland 

Barbara Jean Anderson Virginia 

Joan Elizabeth Asay Maryland 

Ann Spencer Atkins Maryland 

Richard Maxwell Babcock Maryland 

Vera Poelle Ballard Maryland 

Barbara Anne Ballif D. C. 

Dorothy Garrett Scott BAR^ES-Maryland 

Margaret Elaine Barr Maryland 

Carolynn Louise Beattie Pennsylvania 

Dorothy H. Belz Maryland 

Richard Kornel Bennertz D. C. 

Mary Ann Bish D. C. 

Katherine Parsley Blazek Maryland 

Joseph Lawrence Boiilen, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Bleth Bolton Maryland 

Harriet Hall Bond Maryland 

Raymond William Booth, Jr Maryland 

Louise MacWilliams Bowen Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Bradley Maryland 

Wallace Wendel Bradley Maryland 

Robert Henry Brubaker, Jr Maryland 

Julia Ann Buckingham Maryland 

Louise Cobbs Bulluck Maryland 

Cecelia Diane Caraway Virginia 

Frank Harrison Carman, Jr Maryland 


James Nathaniel Casteel Maryland 

ISABELLE Davies Caulfield Maryland 

Carol W. Chernow Maryland 

Laura Elizabeth Clifton Maryland 

Abby Ruth Cohen Virginia 

Ella Marie Comi New Jersey 

Mary Gray Crandall Maryland 

Harry Joseph Cranston Maryland 

Judith DuMars Cullen Maryland 

Susan Jean Curtis Maryland 

Anna Lee DeHaven Maryland 

Robert August Diehl Maryland 

Lois Frances Dixon North Carolina 

Marie Smith Dize Maryland 

Henry Grady Dorsett, IH Maryland 

Joan Marlow Drake Maryland 

David George Draut Maryland 

Althea Eccles Maryland 

Eugene Lee Elliott Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Maryland 

Charles Albin Erickson Neiv York 

Charles Francis Eudy Texas 

Rosario Esguerra Eusebio Maryland 

Jon Mylne Files Maryland 

Janet Siln'erman Fisher Maryland 

George Ann Foster Maryland 

Paul Sardo Frank, Jr Maryland 

Wilfred Everett Froehlich Maryland 

Patricia Ann Gent Maryland 

Marian Frances Goozh Maryland 

Marilyn Ann Gordon Maryland 

Janet Miriam Greenberg New Jersey 

Sarah Helen Grimes Maryland 

Edward Vernon Grund, Jr Maryland 

Elaine DuVal Gude Maryland 

Henrietta Bowen Guest Maryland 

Margaret Eraser Guy Michigan 

Nancye Lee Hager Maryland 

Ellen Sue Handman Maryland 

William Edward Ramey Harden, Jr. 


Mary Claire Harrison Maryland 

Esther Goodpasture Heath Maryland 

Billy Harris Hellems Maryland 

Henry Adam Herfel, Jr Maryland 

John Walter Herman Maryland 

Barbara A. Heske Maryland 

Ethelind Wunsch Higgins Maryland 

Patricia Allyn Hovis Maryland 

Evelyn M. Hulse Maryland 

Merry Jane Humphries D. C. 

Elaine Martin Huntington Maryland 

Francis Stephen Husar Mai 

Marjorie Ann Hutcheson Marylana 

Mary Jane Irwin Maryland 

Richard Douglas James Maryland 

Edward Robert Jex Maryland 

Lewis Johnson D. C. 

Donald George Kammerer Maryland 

John James Kedzor Maryland 

Richard Gary Kennard Maryland 

RosEMARiE Susanna Kirciier Maryland 

George Frederick Kline, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Lucie Kline Maryland 

Sheldon Henry Knorr Maryland 

Henry Waldemar Koenig, Jr Maryland 

Karl Warren Koenig Maryland 

Joseph Kolarik, Jr Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Kraus Maryland 

Betty Rose Kruger Georgia 

Geraldine Jayne Kurapka Maryland 

Beulah Jane Lacey Maryland 

Jacquelyn Smith Landon Maryland 

Margaret Ann Lazzell Maryland 

David Eugene Leas Maryland 

Laura Cole LeGates Maryland 

George Edward Leimbach, Jr Maryland 

Beverly Rudolph Levy Maryland 

Rosalind Ellen Lewis Maryland 

Frances Tompkins Lindahl D. C. 

Carolyn Lineweaver Virginia 

George Leonard Lipkey D. C. 

Marylou Stefanacci Lloyd New Jersey 

Nancy Kathryn Loane Maryland 

Charles Russell Long Maryland 

Sherrie Macks Maryland 

Satish Chander Manaktala India 

Jane Arey Markham Maryland 

Norman Alderic Martell Maryland 

Louise Martin Maryland 

Mary Geraldine Morgan Martindale 


Dean May Maryland 

Virginia Lehman McGowan Maryland 

Donald Carl McMillen Maryland 

William Francis McSpadden D. C. 

Lela Carolyn McVearry Maryland 

Franklin Jacob Miller, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Mary Miller Maryland 

Anna Elizabeth Moessinger Maryland 

Ruth Finks Morgan Maryland 

Robert Davison Mowery Maryland 

Elizabeth Kathleen MuNYON....Mari/Zanrf 
Audrey Chandias Myers Maryland 


Ivy May Nelson Maryland 

Rosemary Nisonger Maryland 

Theresa Mae Novak Maryland 

Grace Ann O'Mahony Maryland 

Elizabeth Josephine Page Virginia 

Judith Linda Parker Maryland 

George Lawson Pasquella Maryland 

Elma Butler Patrone Maryland 

Patricia Lynn Patterson Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Pearce Maryland 

Peter Mario Pfisterer Costa Rica 

LALTiA Mae Philbrick Maryland 

Racquel Lee Pollack Maryland 

Joanne Rachel Price Maryland 

Nancy Lou Randall Maryland 

Robert Joe Ratliff Maryland 

Marilyn Jeanne Reber Maryland 

Maryalyce Rehm Maryland 

Nancy Lee Reppert New Jersey 

Marja Gray Rickerson Maryland 

Alice Ring Maryland 

Olive Bettina Roach Maryland 

Barbara Sapperstein Rogers Maryland 

Helen K. Rubin Maryland 

Grayce E. Sadofsky Maryland 

John Vernon Sandbek Maryland 

Zena M. Sapperstein Maryland 

Clyde William Schafer Maryland 

Dorothy Lynne Schelz Maryland 

Linda Nadisch Schwartzma^... .Maryland 

Jean Marie Scoltock Maryland 

John Warren Seniff Maryland 

Ruth Ann Shapiro Maryland 

Beverly JoAnn Silar Pennsylvania 

Ida Jean Simon Maryland 

Joan Adele Smelkinson Maryland 

Charles Calvin Snyder, Jr. Maryland 

Abby Sue Sokol. Maryland 

Roberta Arlene Solins Maryland 

Rita D. Solow Maryland 

Elizabeth Marie Spangler Maryland 

William Lovett Stackhouse, Jr. 

Richard Maclean Stark, jR.....Ne2v Jersey 

Esther Richter Steer Maryland 

Bettie BuTiKE Stephens Maryland 

Richard James Street Pennsylvania 

Sybil Harriet Suls Maryland 

GusTAVA H. Sutphin Maryland 

Ann Caroline Swanger Maryland 

Minnie Wofford Tate Virginia 

Joan Elizabeth Thomas Maryland 

Mary Lou Ticer Maryland 

Stanley Hamilton Tollberg Maryland 

Elizabeth Louise Towner Maryland 

Carol Jane Townsend Maryland 

Rhoda Leah Trupp D. C. 

Edith Cornella Wade Maryland 

Eugenia Adele Wegner Maryland 

Adam Glenn White Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth WniTTENBURcMarj/Zand 

Janet Worthington Willey Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Willis Maryland 

Robert Otto Wolf D. C. 

Judith Sprafkin Woolfson Maryland 

John Eugene Worden, Jr. D. C. 

May Willoughby Worme Maryland 

Jo Ann B. Wright Maryland 

Karel Lewis Zaruba Maryland 

Joan Shirley Zimmerman Maryland 

Joseph Homer Zimmerman Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Frederic T. Mavis, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Edward Franklin Adams Maryland 

Zeb Vance Adams Maryland 

John Knapp Bacon Maryland 

George Willis Barnes D. C. 

Joseph Courtland Batz D. C. 

Richard John Bauer Maryland 

Irving Bosley Baugher, Jr Maryland 

John Moncure Beckham Maryland 

Donald Henry Berlau Maryland 

Peter John Berney Maryland 

Thomas Gordon Berry Maryland 

Stephen Enfield Bolen D. C. 

Leslie Wayne Bonde D. C 

Charles Elmer Bowt£r, Jr Maryland 

Don Richard Boyle Maryland 

Jerry Wayne Bradley Maryland 


Glenn MacFarlane Brewer. Maryland 

Ronald Ogden Britner, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Allan Brow Maryland 

Denny Franklin Brown Maryland 

Henry Cloyd Brown D. C. 

Kenneth John Burkhardt Maryland 

George William Burns Maryland 

Robert Alexander Burns Maryland 

Dale Matthew Butler Maryland 

John Blackford Capell Maryland 

Martin Michael Carpenter Maryland 

Frank Joseph Carullo, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Robert Cassola Maryland 

Alfred Joseph Castronovo Maryland 

Edward Samuel Cole Maryland 

Alvin Radford Compton Virginia 

James Travis Conklin Maryland 

Ralph Willard Cooley D. C. 

Charles Levi Crockett Maryland 

Richard Carson Culp Maryland 

Wiluam Ernest DeGrafft, jR...Maryland 

Samuel Edward Dickson Maryland 

Orin Willard Dooley, Jr Maryland 

Beverly Waugh Dunning, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Stewart Elste Maryland 

Lewis Clayton Ensor Maryland 

Richard Carl Entenmann Maryland 

Abdulrahem Ahmad Fakhoury Jordan 

Clifford William Fawcett Maryland 

Theodore Louis Felsentreger.... Maryland 

Gerald Joseph Ferguson, Jr D. C. 

Frederick Fine Maryland 

Charles Patrick Finn Maryland 

William George Galway Maryland 

Herbert Grant Gelhardt, 111.. ..New York 

Harry Tydings Gibson Maryland 

Kenneth Karfgin Gill Maryland 

Robert Meade Ginnings Maryland 

Harvey Ellis Goldstein Maryland 

Edward Rudolph Golinski Maryland 

Marcus Gust Goumas Maryland 

Donald Clifton Green Maryland 

Leon Greenhouse Maryland 

Stephen Carl Greenhouse Maryland 

John William Hamblen Maryland 

Stanley William Hames D. C. 

Thomas Brooks Harris Maryland 

Calvin Robinson Hastings Maryland 

George David Hogan New Jersey 

Terrell Leroy Holliday Maryland 

Barry Clay Holt Maryland 

William Robert Hoo\t:r Maryland 

Donald Thomas Hughes Maryland 

Joseph John Impallaria Maryland 

Robert Morse Isaacson Maryland 

Albert Clarke Jackson D. C. 

Rembert Fred Jones, Jr D. C. 

John Charles Kal Pennsylvania 

Edwin Matthew Kirstukas Maryland 

Karry E. Knight Maryland 

John George Koenigsmark Maryland 

Robert LaRoche Ladd Massachusetts 

Glenn R. Linsenmayer Maryland 

John Wesley Lovelace Maryland 

John Pool Luscombe West Virginia 

Robert Carroll Mallalieu Maryland 

John Kenly Mandrell Maryland 

Michael Tobin Manning Connecticut 

Roy Duane Mannon Delaware 

Robert Milton Marsheck Virginia 

Edwin Libert Matthai Maryland 

Walter Smart McKee Maryland 

Bernard Earl McKenzie Maryland 

John Preston Millard Maryland 

John Edward Miller D. C. 

Leo Charles Miller Maryland 

William Francis Moore Maryland 

Theodore Raymond Mount Florida 

George Russell Muller Illinois 

Arnold Samuel Munach Maryland 

Donald Lockwood Murphy New York 

Melvin Richard Murphy Maryland 

James Palmer Nelson Maryland 

Charles Ronald Nichols D. C. 

Barry Noonan Maryland 

Richard Francis Norford Maryland 

George Frederick Oberle Maryland 

Philip James Parisius Maryland 

Nathan Partos Maryland 

Carl Franklin Party Maryland 

Robert Lauriat Peterson Maryland 

Edwin Lloyd Poffenberger Maryland 

William Peebles Poole, Jr Maryland 

Richard Leroy Porter Pennsylvania 

John Richard Potter Maryland 

Robert Allen Pugh Maryland 

Jerome Mark Raffel Maryland 

James Vincent Rampello Maryland 

Louis Johnson Ratcliffe D. C. 

James Lawrence Redifer Maryland 

Frank Salvatore Restivo Maryland 

Frederick Helme Rogers, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Duncan Rose, Jr Maryland 

George Philip Sallee Virginia 

William Frank Sanford, Jr Maryland 

William Elmer Scarborough, Jr. 

Robert Eugene Schmidt Maryland 


James Joseph Schollian Maryland 

Melvin Earle Schwarz Maryland 

David Shapiro D. C. 

Norman Wilson Sheetz, Jr Maryland 

William Shulman Maryland 

Robert Cecil Shuppert Maryland 

David Hugh Siggins Pennsylvania 

Vincent George Sigillito D. C. 

Alan Herbert Singleton Maryland 

George Allan Smalley, Jr Maryland 

Jay Murrie Solomon Maryland 

John Andrew Soltis New Jersey 

Jack Richard Spear Maryland 

Donald Hardy Spencer Maryland 

Robert Hall Spencer Pennsylvania 

Ira Bowlus Staley Maryland 

Sanford Samuel Sternstein Maryland 

Henry Matthew Stromberg, Jr. 


James Phillips Strong, III D. C. 

Robert Anthony Suchy Maryland 

Ralph Eugene Tabler Maryland 

Allan Maxwell Thomas Maryland 

Clyde Gilbert Todd Maryland 

Harvey Charles Trengove Maryland 

Joel Trimble Maryland 

Richard Lawrence Troth Maryland 

Raffi Minas Turian Lebanon 

William John Ulrick Maryland 

Charles Vernon Vickers, jR.....Maryland 

Stephen David Vouch Maryland 

William David Walker Maryland 

Melvin Carroll Watkins Maryland 

Leslie Joseph Wattay Maryland 

Donald M. Weinroth Maryland 

Benjamin Otto Arnold WERhE..Maryland 

George Edward White, Jr Maryland 

Miles "X" Wickman Maryland 

George Joseph Wiedenbauer Maryland 

Milton Herman Wills, Jr Maryland 

Austin Thomas Winant Maryland 

Gail Diane Wisser D. C. 

Fred Earl Witmer Maryland 

Wyman Sy Wong Maryland 

Jackson Yang D. C. 

James Ronald Zarfoss Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florance B. King, Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Phyllis Lelia Abel Maryland 

Beryl Ackley New Jersey 

Alyia Nadhef Al-Shawi Iraq 

Mary Diane Amberson Maryland 

Margaret Gillespie Beard Maryland 

Carl Whitney Bucks Pennsylvania 

Annie Laurie Carter Florida 

Paula Arlene Caulk D. C. 

Georgia Nick Chaconas D. C. 

Jean Stephanie Clark Maryland 

Shirley Ann Corkran Maryland 

Phyllis Ruth Cox Maryland 

Joanne Eileen DeGrafft Maryland 

Barbara Alk Deitz Maryland 

Patricia Anne Dix Canada 

Viola Caroline Furman Maryland 

Ann Byron Gibson Maryland 

Judith Ann Habich Neiv Jersey 

Patricia Ann Hartgroves Maryland 

Mary Luella Holt D. C. 

Nancy Houston New York 

Patricia Rochelle Kahn Maryland 

Margaret Deane Kempfer Maryland 

Ellen Louise Kirby Maryland 

Nancy Eleanor Ladd Maryland 

Joan LeBeau Virginia 

Patricia Ann Leonard D. C. 

Rosalie Catherine Maddox Maryland 

Carolyn Elizabeth Maskell Maryland 

Elizabeth Mezey Neiv York 

Laura Louise Morris Maryland 

Martha Jane Mueller Pennsylvania 

Patricia Nash D. C. 

Dede Smith Newbery Maryland 

June Althea Riddle New Jersey 

Peggy Ann Romesberg West Virginia 

Pearl Ann Runkles Maryland 

Sandra Marie Scheufler Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Shank Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Sheely Pennsylvania 

Virginia Lee Shipway Maryland 

Eleanor Lee Smith Maryland 


Mary Lou Smith Maryland 

Cynthia Anne Sowder Maryland 

Diane Harper Stottler Maryland 

Patricia Ann Toms Maryland 

Phyllis Anne Turne21 Pennsylvania 

Melissa Jayne Eyerman Tydings 


Wanda McClung Waddell Maryland 

Emily Guilford Walker Maryland 

Ralph Weiss Maryland 

Bonnie Rae Wilson Maryland 

Janet Potter Wolfe New York 

Mary Anne Young D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel James Regan, Jr., Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ivan Benton Acker Virginia 

Alvin Edward Adkins Iowa 

William Francis Ahern Michigan 

Woodrow Ervin Alexander Virginia 

Robert Henry Allen, Jr California 

Howard Ellwood Ammerman, Jr. 


George Olap Anderson Neiv Jersey 

Andrew Anton Illinois 

Necati M. Arcan Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Arnold Texas 

Richard William Aronson Minnesota 

Ambrose Claibourn Arthur Kentucky 

Ellis Ray Ates Pennsylvania 

Charles Francis Austin Virginia 

Edgar Frank Auten Michigan 

Charlie Bolden Aycock, Jr. 

South Carolina 

WiLMON Huntington Ayer Virginia 

Gayle Bailey Texas 

Maxene M. Baker Illinois 

Theodore Arnold Baker Oklahoma 

William Lester Ball New Jersey 

Alfred Francis Ballou Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Bardon Virginia 

Stanley Jackson Barnett Maryland 

Edward Walter Barowski. ...Pennsylvania 

Edward James Barrett California 

Michael Anthony Barry Ne^v York 

Donald Campbell Batalia Virginia 

George Fredrick Bauer Pennsylvania 

Eugene Thomas Becker Pennsylvania 

Raymond Elmer Beckley Illinois 

Clifford Lee Beech Michigan 

George Bender Florida 

Frank Mooney Bennett, Jr. 

New Hampshire 
Gayle Moran Bennett Virginia 

George Henry Benskin, Jr Maryland 

David LaMar Berrey Idaho 

Secrest Laughlin Berry Virginia 

Ulysses F. Biffoni Pennsylvania 

Ernest Edgar Biggs Florida 

James Rufus Blackwood.. ..iVort/i Carolina 

George Neely Blair, Jr Ohio 

James Edmund Blake California 

Carl Edward Bledsoe Virginia 

Harry Oliver Blount, Jr Montana 

Marion Boyd Bowers Louisiana 

Edmund George Boy Maryland 

Collin J. Boyd Wisconsin 

Carl Walker Bradford Texas 

Leslie William Bray, Jr. Virginia 

J. Allington Bridgman, Jr Virginia 

Willie E. Bryan Oklahoma 

John Palmer Brynildsen New Jersey 

Oliver Felmly Buck New Jersey 

Walter Frank Bullard Florida 

Robert Eugene Bundy Pennsylvania 

Charles H. Burge Maryland 

Philip Sheridan Burger Oklahoma 

Charles Victory Burns Virginia 

Arthur Maurice Burton Indiana 

John George Buschman Maryland 

Jack Howerton Butler Virginia 

Marguerite Butler California 

Victor Nicholas Cabas Virginia 

Joseph Eugene Cahill Kansas 

Jack V/inston Cain Virginia 

George William Callen Virginia 

Norman Joseph Cantley California 

Thomas A. Capper Pennsylvania 

Alfonso Richard Carbone Virginia 

Charles Floyd Carr Illinois 

George Peyton Carr Texas 

Kevin Francis Carrigan Virginia 


Ross Lee Carson New York 

Louie Norval Casey Illinois 

Charles Raymond Casper Marylavd 

Warren Edward Cerrone Virginia 

Andrew Arrol Chaffin Virginia 

Willie Lee Chaffin Alabama 

Richard Blake Cheatham Tennessee 

Michael Chessnoe California 

CoRBETT Ward Clark Maryland 

Ricard Paris Clark, Jr. Alabama 

James Dominic Clavio Pennsylvania 

William John Cleary New York 

Walter Monroe Coble Texas 

Fred Vincent Cole New York 

Murray Cole Colorado 

Wayne Allison Colley Texas 

Frederick Gilmer Connelly Florida 

Harry Louis Conner California 

Robert Jean Conner Illinois 

John King Connery D. C. 

Paul Stanislas Contois Vermont 

James Joseph Corliss Massachusetts 

Clifford Denton Corn Indiana 

Jack Williams Coulter Virginia 

Robert Peter Craig Virginia 

Mervyn T. Crosnicker Nebraska 

John Labon Crutchfield Florida 

Daniel George Cummins D. C. 

Benjamin Franklin Dake, lll..Califomia 

Gus CosTE Daskalakis Illinois 

Charles Emil Davis Illinois 

Sidney Robert Davis California 

Patrick Joseph Dayson Indiana 

John Gust Demas Mai-yland 

John Markwell Denkler Maryland 

James Thomas DeVoss Iowa 

Byron Richard Dickson Illinois 

Robert Augustine Dillon, jR.....Maryland 

Alfred A. Dion Montana 

Stanley Joseph DLUGOPOLSKi-.TFisconsin 

Charles Henry Dornacker Virginia 

Frederick Edmund Doucette, Jr. 


Earl Camp Dresbach, Jr Virginia 

William Thomas Duba Virginia 

Burns B. DuBose, Jr Texas 

Robert Dubowsky Massachusetts 

John Guilbert DuFour California 

Earl Arthur Dumas New York 

Charles Alden Dunn, Jr D. C. 

Robert John Dunn Florida 

Dewey Foster Durnford, Jr Virginia 

Robert Kenneth Edson New York 

George Dewey Eggers, Jr New York 

Brantley Estes Elliott Maryland 

George William Everett Virginia 

Gordon Irving Feid ^Massachusetts 

Andrew J. Ferland D. C 

Kurt Fischman New York 

John Boyd Flaig Delaware 

Robert Gordon Fleet Maryland 

Robert Walton Fleming, Jr. Virginia 

William Miller Fleming Alabama 

Robert E. Floyd Louisiana 

Robert Carroll Fordyce D. C. 

William Marion FoRMAN....West Virginia 

Donald L. Foster New York 

William Merrill Fox Virginia 

Leverett Merrill FnAiiCis..Massachusetts 

Earl Lb Roy Franzen Maryland 

James Sidney Furst Virginia 

Burley p. Fuselier California 

John Harvey Fye, III ~ Virginia 

Raymond Joseph Garcia California 

Robert Arthur GARDNER....New Hampshire 

Carlos M. Garza Texas 

George Francis GEBHARDT....Arort7i Dakota 

Charles Francis Gentile Maryland 

Frederick Harrell Gibbs D. C. 

Richard Dibrell Gibbs, Jr. Maryland 

Frank John Gigliotti Massachusetts 

William John Gilbert Illinois 

Thurston Maurice GiLLENWATER..ytrfifiwta 

Morris Glachman New York 

Charles Ferdinand Glaenzer. Virginia 

Leo Arthur Goguen Massachusetts 

Felix Lee Goodwin Kansas 

Edward Wayne Gordon, Jr Texas 

Michael Jameson Gott California 

GiRVAN Henry Griffith Michigan 

CoRwiN Charles Grimes New York 

Lowell Douglas Grow Virgima 

Andrew Gula, Jr Virginia 

William F. Guss Pennsylvania 

Albert E. Haines Maryland 

Richard Cleo Hall Oklahoma 

Virgil Trammell Hall Maryland 

Carroll Clifton Halterman Ohio 

George Michael Hamscher Texas 

Thomas Benjamin Hanford Virginia 

Alton B'Thea Hardin D. C. 

Joseph Shelton Harrelson, jR...Louisiana 

Ralph Marion Harris Maryland 

Robert Lord Harrison Virginia 

Catherine L. Hart Georgia 

John Nelson Hassell Virginia 


James C. Hawuey D. C. 

Jack Lekoy Haygood Virginia 

Charley Stuart Heath California 

Donald Frederick Helm Virginia 

Francis Bernary Henkel Tennessee 

Lyle Eugene Hershey Virginia 

William Thomas Hickman Florida 

Fred Carlisle Hicks, Jr Maryland 

Floyd Gene Hildebrand Iowa 

Frank Ackerman Hill JVcw Jersey 

Georgia Dawnell Hill Michigan 

James Ralph Hill, Jr Maryland 

John Paul Hill. Maryland 

LoNNiE Lowell Hinson California 

Roy Price Hipsley, Jr California 

Robert Charles Hixon Virginia 

Richard Willis Holm Iowa 

Bruce Elmer Holmgrain Virginia 

John Thomas Horrocks Texas 

Philip Vann Howell, Jr Virginia 

Walter M. Hltjek Maryland 

John Wesley Humke Iowa 

Harry Hunter, Jr California 

Joseph James Jackson Virginia 

Ralph Jackson D. C. 

Stanley Francis Janeczko Illinois 

John F. Jenkins Michigan 

Charles Wesley Jess Maryland 

Verl E. Jett... California 

Jasper Roycb Johnson North Carolina 

Robert Charles Jolliff Maryland 

Carroll Justice Jones Nebraska 

Charles Arakel Kandigian New York 

Philip Everett Karl, Jr Delaware 

Melvin Charles Keebaugh Michigan 

John Charles Kelly Illinois 

Robert Kelly Minnesota 

Justus Crawford Kennedy Virginia 

Robert Leroy Kennedy Kansas 

Stanley Young Kennedy, Jr, Virginia 

Thomas Barrett Kennedy Virginia 

William Daniel Kennedy, Jr. 


Edward Francis Kinchla, Jr Maryland 

John E. King Indiana 

Edward Kenneth Kirby Maryland 

Frederic Dale Kirk Virginia 

J. R. KiRKPATRiCK Oklahoma 

Frank Peter Klotz New York 

Henry Carl Koelbl D. C. 

Joseph Severin Korfanty Virginia 

Mike Mirko Kovar, Michigan 

Henry Krawiec New York 

Howard Evesiett Kreidler Virginia 

Myers Richard Kurtz Pennsylvania 

James Lewis LaCombe. Maryland 

Arthur George Lange, Jr. Wisconsin 

Xavier Maria Emanuel La Rocca 


RoLLO Charles Lawrence, Jr. Virginia 

Jesse Ingram Ledbetter. Maryland 

Dwain LaBounty Lengel. New Jersey 

Miller Watson LeValley Idaho 

Ralph Howard Letv^is Florida 

Robert Donald Limberg - Maryland 

William Robertson Lipscomb D. C. 

Fernando Lopez Virginia 

Roger Darrow Lowe New York 

Charles Carroll Lutman Connecticut 

Roman Joseph Lutz New York 

David Martin Lynch New York 

Norman D. Mackenzie Virginia 

Harold Ross Mackey Oklahoma 

Warren Leslie MacQuarrie Virginia 

Alfobd Monroe Major, Jr. Nebraska 

William Riley Malone, Jr D. C. 

Thomas Dillon Mara Virginia 

Paul Samuel Marshall. Illinois 

Cecil Stanford Martin Texas 

John Roy Martin Virginia 

Robert Edd Martin Georgia 

Wayne Matson Virginia 

Donald Edward Matthews Michigan 

Joseph Guy Mattingly, Jr. Kentucky 

Thomas F. McBride, Jr. Indiana 

James Joseph McCann New Jersey 

Ralph Edward McClain Georgia 

William Hugh McClarin, Jr. Maryland 

Alfred Burl McClintock Maryland 

Bruce McClure Kentucky 

Edward Joseph McDonnell. Maryland 

Dean Noyes McDowell Virginia 

James B. McFadyen Minnesota 

John Edward McGlothlin Delaware 

James Michael McGovern Virginia 

Mack Arthur McLain Texas 

Leo Thomas McMahon, jR...Pennsylvania 

James Vergil Merritt Alabama 

Wilson Ashley Miles Maryland 

Charles Clifford MiLLER....Souf/i Carolina 

Emmett Hart Miller, Jr Florida 

George Warren Miller „ Indianxi 

James Andrew Miller California 

Richard Karl Miller Texas 

Gilbert Emory Millington Virginia 

Michael Bruce Miraglia Illinois 

Charles Clarke Mish ., Virginia 

Robert Phelps Moody „ Virginia 


James Robert Morgan Virginia 

Ralph Clifton Morgan Ohio 

Richard Leonard Morgan Maryland 

Paul Millman Morrill California 

Robert John Morris Virginia 

Manley Glenn Morrison D. C. 

Anthony Walter Morse Maryland 

James Russell Moses Washington 

William Thomas Mosley Virginia 

John Thomas Mullen New York 

Angelica G. Muns New York 

Paul Herman Myers New York 

Andrew George Nelson, Jr Oklahoma 

Stanley A. Nelson New Jersey 

William Franklin Nesbitt, llI..Maryland 

Kenneth Harold Neubauer Illinois 

Howard Ernest Newman Michigan 

FiTZROY Newsum New York 

Myrl Keen Noggle Pennsylvania 

Donald Francis 0'KEEFFE....Pennsylvania 

Richard Oscar Olney Texas 

Charles Marshall Olson Michigan 

Griffith Orme South Carolina 

Karl Erik Osenlund Pennsylvania 

RussEL Lyle Packard Michigan 

John Edward Palmer Virginia 

Charles Lee Patterson Florida 

Robert Whitmore Patterson Virginia 

James Michel Pauli Michigan 

Wilfred Gray Pemberton Ohio 

Harold Biggins Penne Virginia 

William Wesley Perry Virginia 

Bernard Peters D. C. 

Charles Kesmodel Peters Louisiana 

Raymond Herman Werner Fett.. Virginia 

Franklin Norman Pippin California 

Howard Taylor Pittman Illinois 

Sam Andrew Plemmons Virginia 

Bret Pliske D. C. 

Frank Slater Plummer, Jr Maryland 

John Tate Poffenderger Mississippi 

Darwin Brayton Pond, Jr Virginia 

Dudley Forbes Powell Missouri 

Richard Knowlton Preston Maryland 

Ernest Griffing Prevatt Virginia 

Gordon Quanbeck Montana 

Charles Sylvester Quinn, Jr Virginia 

Robert J. Raim New Jersey 

Herbert J. Rapley Illinois 

Robert Thomas Ratcliff Maryland 

Bernard Dinsmore Reams Virginia 

Herbert Calvin Reed Virginia 

Howard Edgar Reed Virginia 

William Edward Reid Maryland 

Bernard Reilley Maryland 

Robert Joseph Reiter California 

Courtney Albert Remele California 

James Montgomery Rice Louisiana 

Robert Alison Richardson Illinois 

William Kenneth RiCHARDS0N..A/ett; York 

James Lucas Riffe West Virginia 

Faimon Austin Roberts Pennsylvania 

Fredric Stafford Ross Florida 

Lynn W. Ruddick Indiana 

Lawrence T. Ryhlick Virginia 

Graham Mead St. John Missouri 

Francis P. Sanna Connecticut 

Richard Joseph Schalk Wisconsin 

August William Schara California 

Thomas O. Schlesinger Maryland 

Carl Edward Schmidt Virginia 

Thomas Otto Schmitt New York 

Richard Jacob Schriver Virginia 

Frederick W. Schultz Maryland 

Ebbin Pina Scott, Jr Georgia 

Milton John Scott Wisconsin 

Fredrick P. Selin Illinois 

James E. Senseney, Jr Pennsylvania 

Michael S. Sestric Indiana 

Robert Alfred Shawn New York 

Richard E. Shearer Pennsylvania 

Alben Kriegs Shelton Maryland 

Roy James Sherry New York 

George Wilbur Shipley New York 

Alvin Emmett Shrout Virginia 

John Phillip Sigman Virginia 

James Elmer Simmons Virginia 

James Charles Skaggs Illinois 

John Skoricii Minnesota 

James Andrew Sloan Florida 

James Wilbur Smith Maryland 

Needham Vernon Smith Florida 

Richard Hunter Smith Massachusetts 

Richard Ernest Sochacki Michigan 

Alphonse Joseph SocKOLOSKiE....Mar7/Zand 

Milton Solomon Pennsylvania 

John Maxwell Sorenson Louisiana 

Robert Glenn Spielman Illinois 

Richard Neal Starback Michigan 

Theodore Henry Stearns Virginia 

Ernest E. Steck D. C. 


Wilbur Vern Stephens California 

Arthur A. Stevenson Oklahoma 

Charles Lafayette Stevenson 


Dana Woodfin Stewart, Jr Virginia 

Joseph Philip Stone Maryland 

Thomas H. Stone, Jr Michigan 

Claude C. Sturges, Jr Louisiana 

John Francis Swift New York 

James Coleridge Taylor D. C. 

Joseph Thomas Taylor Maryland 

Gerald Eugene Teachout Iowa 

Jack Milton Tevis California 

Lloyd George Thomas New York 

Claire Nelson Thran Wisconsin 

Robert Douglass Thresher New York 

Daniel William Tierney Texas 

Marcus Anthony Todaro New York 

William Warren Tomlinson Delaware 

Norbert E. Touchette Virginia 

Henry Voltaire Trahan, Jr Texas 

Richard Holmes Tubes Massachusetts 

John Peter Tucei Mississippi 

Michael Emil Vallario Virginia 

John Edward Vastine Ohio 

William Henry Veit, Jr Virginia 

Marcel Paul Vermette Virginia 

George Orlando Viau Maryland 

John Oliver Vick Virginia 

George Catron Viney Oklahoma 

Merle Alvin Wagaman Iowa 

Aaron Otto Walden Illinois 

Francis Edwin Waldorf Florida 

Thomas LeClair Walker Maryland 

Charles Edward Walton New York 

Mary Barbara Warner Pennsylvania 

William Robert Wassner Maryland 

Delbert O. Watson Maryland 

Albert Clyde Weidenbusch California 

David Stewart Wells New York 

Harold DesBrisay Whallon Virginia 

Raymond Albert Whelan Maryland 

CiRO Ney Whited Virginia 

Vernon E. Wickman New York 

Dorrence Elton Wilkison Illinois 

Carroll Williams D. C. 

Thomas Paul Williams D. C. 

Tom Wilson Williams Maryland 

Robert "L" Willis Virginia 

James Emmett Wilson, Jr Virginia 

Jowell Clark Wise Virginia 

Harold Clair Wolf D. C. 

Donald Bruce Wren Virginia 

Raymond Jerome York West Virginia 

Robert W. Younger Michigan 

William Tyson Zale New Jersey 

Thomas Timothy Zerick Virginia 

Donald Emil Zieg Colorado 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Florence M. Gipe, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Jeannette Ambrozak Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Barlow New Jersey 

Mildred Fox Bing New Jersey 

Anne Greves Blauvelt New York 

Ann Wilson Boyce Maryland 

Mary Jean Bray Maryland 

Patricia Ann Brown Pennsylvania 

Robin Louise Carter Maryland 

Ida May Chaney Maryland 

Alma Delores Clancy Pennsylvania 

Lillian Nelson Cole Maryland 

Elizabeth Lee Cooper Maryland 

Frances Beryl Dickinson Maryland 

Betty Jane Barcklow Edgar Maryland 

Bettie Alice Eubank Maryland 

Patricia Jane Evans Maryland 

Patricia Dale Every Maryland 

Norma Jeanne Fiery Maryland 

Eileen Greif Fishbein Maryland 

Rosa Rottenberg Goldstein Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Gosnell Maryland 

June Beverly Gray Maryland 

Ina Mae Greene Ohio 

Annamarie Griesser Maryland 


Eleanor Hardy Pennsylvania 

Jeanneane McCormick Il0UFr....Maryland 

Nancy Snyder Hutchins Maryland 

Yvonne Williamson Jones Maryland 

Joyce P^elia Kaetzel Maryland 

Sylvia Ann Kelly Maryland 

Georgiana Kirtley Maryland 

Helen Eileen Klein Maryland 

Ruth Jeannette Lambert Maryland 

Betsy Smith Laster Maryland 

Anna May Lawless Virginia 

Joyce Kephart Leek D. C. 

Evelyn May Lemonoff Pennsylvania 

Anna Lee Long Maryland 

Betty Sue Marshall Ohio 

Carol Todd Martin Maryland 

Elsie May McCormick Maryland 

Shirley Wachter McDaniel Maryland 

Anna Veronica Michelitsch 


Elizabeth Ann Murchake... Maryland 

Barbara La-Marr Palmer... Maryland 

Joan Louise Peltier ^.Maryland 

Cynthia Ann Piper Florida 

Mary Jane Reichert Maryland 

Sandra Julene Reynolds „ Maryland 

Anne Reita Robin ^...Pennsylvania 

Ann Lorrayne Skoda Maryland. 

Jeanette Rowan Sowers. Maryland 

Sally Wade Tiemann .....Maryland 

Ellen Stafford Urban Maryland. 

Vivian Ann Vermillion D. C. 

Shirley Simms Wantland Maryland 

Barbara Ann Ward Maryland 

Patricia Ann Warren Maryland. 

Clarabelle Decker Wenzel Maryland 

Nancy Smith WESTERBERG..,.........Afarj/^an«? 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Noel E. Foss, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Nathan H. Abrahams New York 

Clarence LeRoy Anstine Maryland 

Donald Aronson Maryland 

Harry Bass Maryland 

Mitchell Berman Maryland 

Charles Luther Brashears Maryland 

Jay Royce Brinsfield Maryland 

Pearl Chan Maryland 

William Theodore CLiNGKR....Pennsylvania 

Gerald Ivan Cohen Maryland 

Harold Lee Cooper Maryland 

Walter Michael Damasiewicz, Jr. 


Conrad Peter Dorn, Jr Maryland 

Paul Prag Elliott Maryland 

Edward Carroll Esslinger Maryland 

Edward Alvin Etzler Maryland 

William Thomas Foley, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Friedman Maryland 

Patricia Ann Hayes Maryland 

CoLEN Clifford Heinritz Maryland 

Henry William Hughes Maryland 

Bernard Sheldon Isaacson Maryland 

Marvin Ban Jaslow Maryland 

Maurice J. Kornblau Pennsylvania 

Norman Jack Kronberg Maryland 

Allan Lisse Maryland 

Joseph Wilmer Loetell, Jr Maryland 

James Joseph Mallonee, Jr Maryland 

Harry Joseph McKenny Maryland 

David Collins McLarty Maryland 

David M. Oken Maryland 

Herbert Gerald Oster Maryland 

Thomas R. Palmer Maryland 

Stacy Pass Maryland 

Stanley Edward PR0T0K0wicz....Mar2/Zan<i 

Noble Philip Redmond, Jr Maryland 

George Eugene Reier Maryland 

Michael Byron Rodell Maryland 

John Joseph Ruppersberger Maryland 

Miles Eugene St. John Maryland 

Alan Sherman D. C. 

Walter Edward Sultan Maryland 

Nancy Lee Swiss Maryland 

Chris Peter Tountas Maryland 

George Chris Voxakis Maryland 

Clayton Linwood Warrington, Jr. 


Leon Weiner Maryland 

Jerome Sidney Wittik Maryland 

Paul Zucker Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ellen Butler Adams Maryland 

George Raymond Berch Maryland 

Pallie Marie Berry Maryland 

Shirley Ann Cleaves Delaivare 

BER-iXE David Cohen Maryland 

Helen Mary Cook Maryland 

Jackson Miller Crichton Maryland 

Dolores Ann Daniel Maryland 

Clarence John Doane Maryland 

Walter Herbert Duvall, III Maryland 

Ellen Nesbit Ferguson Pennsylvania 

Gustav Duane Fern Maryland 

Gary Jay Fogel Maryland 

Humbert Albert Fontana, Jr Virginia 

Ger,4.ld Dominic French Maryland 

Marilyn Anne Goetz New York 

Sidney Grossman Maryland 

Alfred Kirby Hair Maryland 

Lowell Basil Hinchliffe D. C. 

Saul Murray Honigsberg Maryland 

Charles Fletcher Ison Maryland 

Elton Stanley Jackson Maryland 

John Joseph Jankowski D. C. 

Edward Bernard LaCo\t:y, Jr Maryland 

Harry Edwin Lanehart Maryland 

William Frederick Lang Maryland 

Ronald Franklyn Leonard D. C. 

Wilbur Lee Main Maryland 

Richard Allen Maxwell Maryland 

Andrew Frederick McBo'sald.. ..Mary land 

Kenneth Elwood Moffett Maryland 

Joseph A. Montgomery Maryland 

Perry' Clay Moore Ohio 

Bradley' Lloyd Roy Nelson Maryland 

Donald Armstrong Newbery Maryland 

Robert Joseph O'Brien Maryland 

George Dow Purdy Maryland 

Dixie Lee Quinn Maryland 

Patricia Ann Rinaldi Maryland 

Larry Thomas Schlecter Maryland 

Donald Charles Schuessler Maryland 

William Stapler Shields, Jr Maryland 

Jerry Richard Sisson Maryland 

Leroy Cornielius Skinner Maryland 

Richard Milton Skinner Maryland 

Dixie Lee Smith Maryland 

Glenn Curtis Smith West Virginia 

AuGUSTiNO Robert TAMBURELL0..Mar2/-Zand 

Mary Louise Torossian Maryland 

Judith Wilson Maryland 

Marion Penrod Wood New York 

Mary Elizabeth Woster Maryland 

Edward Arthur Wren Maryland 

John George Yatchum Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Associate Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Leonard O. Anderson Montana 

Walter Thomas Bigus New York 

Edgar Lee Bittle Texas 

Richard Martin Blass Iowa 

Walter S. Bloomfield Minnesota 

William Robert Brooks New York 

Paul DeWan Callahan New York 

Joseph S.^muel Carr Maryland 


Max Louis Davidson .Virginia 

Joe D. Elam South Carolina 

Harold Clark Evans Virginia 

Lois Marmon Flannery Virginia 

Maurice Stephen Fortin Maryland 

Victor Daub Freudenberger Maryland 

Menjou S, Gardner Georgia 

King Richard Hazle Ohio 

Law^rence L. Herzog Virginia 

Joseph Marshall Holley Virginia 

Edward Marvin Jackson Virginia 

Harry Lew^s Katzman New York 

Lucian Walter Kempner Pennsylvania 

Herbert J. Kolodner New Jersey 

Peter Joseph Loftus, IH D. C. 

Irene Katharine Lynch California 

Marie Louise Malone Maryland 

Donald Downs Neilson Ohio 

John Donald Orzeske Maryland 

MvRLE Livingstone Pardoe, jR...Maryland 

Michael Vernard Sanko Maryland 

Earl P. Shaw Texas 

Robert Shwedick Maryland 

John Joseph Simko Pennsylvania 

Donald Stout Spaulding Maryland 

William Christos Stamnas 

New Hampshire 

Lowell Vernon Sturgill Maryland 

Alden Edward Vognild Oregon 

Claire Henrich Washe Virginia 

Philip Alfred White California 

Peter D. Wimbrow, Jr Florida 

Nancy L. Wood D. C. 

Raymond Edward Yagelowich 




William Robert Abel 
George Willis Barnes 
Charles Elmer Bowler, Jr. 
George Eugene Burgly 
Richard Marr Crowley 
Charles Nelson Dean 
Robert Augustine Dillon, Jr. 
Clarence John Doane 
*John Alfred Eichler 
Loms Ness Ferguson 
Harry Harner Flickinger 
Joseph Michael Garvey, Jr. 
Donald Clifton Green 
*Calvin Robinson Hastings 
Billy Harris Hellems 
Landon Burton Holt, Jr. 
Paul Harrison Hower 
Donald Thomas Hughes 
Ronald Kelly Hunt 
Richard Peery Johnston, Jr. 

Bertram Ashbridge King 
Robert LaRoche Ladd 
David Eugene Leas 
* Glenn Ross Linsenmayer 
Charles Read Madary, Jr. 
Richard Allen Maxwell 
Richard Leonard Morgan 
*Theodore Raymond Mount 
*William Franklin Nesbitt, III 
Philip Franklin Norton 
Robert Gene Pemberton 
John Alvin Peters 
James Vincent Rampello 
*Richard George Reid 
Thomas Daniel Scanlon 
Ira Herbert Shapiro 
Charles Thomas Sherman 
Charles Marion Walther, Jr. 
*Richard Stevenson Watt 
Benjamin Otto Werlb 
Milton Harmon Wills, Jr. 

>= Distinguished AFROTC Graduate 




University Gold Medal for Scholarship, Summa Cuvi Laude 
Awarded to 

Howard Stanton Spurrier 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Axvarded to 

Lawrence Donald Sarubin 
Robert William Haroth 

Anthony Joseph Klein, Jr. 
Gerald Franklin Hoffman 
Walter Prudden Leonard 


Graduated With Honor 

Robert E. Farnell, HI 
Martin B. Greenfeld 

Joseph M. Roulhac 
Nelson B. Seidman 


University Prize Gold Medal, Sumyna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

William Joseph Hicken 

Certificates of Honor, Magna Cum Laude 
Awarded to 

Gerald Edward Bloom 
Howard David Bronstein 
Gilbert Bernard Cushner 

Robert HAR^'EY Johnson, Jr. 
William John Marshall 
Granger Gideon Sutton, Jr. 



Gold Medal for General Excellence 

Awarded to 

Conrad Peter Dorn, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 
Awarded to 

Harry Bass 

George Eugene Reier 

Allan Lisse 

Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed 
at least two years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The 
candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respec- 
tive colleges. First honors are awarded to the upper tenth of those in each college 
if they qualify, and second honors are awarded to the second tenth of those in each 
college if they qualify. The names of students are listed in order of their rank in 
the graduating class. 


First Honors 

Gerald Milton Loper 
Ronald Travers Sappington 
Alan Barry Carr 
Patricia Anne Quinby 
Norman Gary Smith 
Joseph Anthony Horak 
Reed Eugene Friend 
Louis Carroll Arrington 
James Leonard Hannan 

Second Honors 

Andrew Watson Conaway, Jr. 
Richard Peery Johnston, Jr. 
William Allston Mattingly 


First Honors 

Sebastian Peter Grossman 

Jean Corey Holroyd 

Nancy Ruth Sneed 

Carole Baker Goldman 

Joan Alene Walen 

Paul Burgan 

James Orville Eggleston 

Franklin Ross Hayden 

ingeborg sorensen 

Ernest Thomas Schwartz, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Meadie Edgar Pace 
Sheryl Dorman 
Joseph Fred Baker 
Franklin Paul Koontz 
Joseph George Boone 
Jean Ellen Richards 
Gilbert Morris Rogers 
Wilbur Ross Hockersmith 
William Thompson Johnstone 
Thomas Edward Touohet 


First Honors 

Second Honors 

Mary Lynn Ellis 
Arlys Reitz LaFehr 
James Douglas Lamb 
Jerome Herbert Herman 
David Goodman 
Barry Wiseman 
Ulrich Herman Kurzweg 
Johanna Bach Martin 
Norma Reed Jones 
Peter Hauk 

Richard Xavier McLell.\n, Jr. 
Philip Franklin Gleason 
Patricia Hazel Sherer 
Shalom Fisher 
Elsa Theone Carlson 
Patricia Diane Tarrant 
Phyllis Beryl Heflin 
Frances Joy McGuire 
Ellen Miriam Weinstein 
Elsbeth Leimomi Kunzig 
Joan Lucille Strausbaugh 
Millie Korn 
Alice D. Brown 
Margaret Jane Gates 
Marquitta Diana Klein 
Thomas Arnold Mariani 
Carolyn Anthony Jones 

Elliot Donald Kocen 
Richard Garrett Holroyd 
Nancy Anne Stevens 
Carolyn Esther Jacobson 
George Mace Summers, Jr. 
Wallace Franklin Rollins 
Margaret Ann Hudson 
Jerome Ross 
Martha Bond Evans 
Mary Edson McDonnell 
Donald Leonard Stresing 
David Donald Henley 
Eugene Irwin Stricker 
Elizabeth Ann Stockett 
James Young Simms, Jr. 
Robert Dixon Smith, Jr. 
Jean Carolyn Mace 
Joseph William Lapides 
Dianna Elizabeth Reiff 
Raymond Melvyn Zimmet 
Norman Barry Roland 
Ann Van de Putte 
Paul Francis Wattay 
Paul Oliver Fredrri'"k.-<in 
Patricia Anne Ritchie 
Steven Edwards Beasley 

With Honors in English.... 
Special Honors in German. 

Carol Cushard 

.Philip Franklin Gleason 


First Honors 

John Wesley Dorsey, Jr. 
Carole Hilary Bowie 
George Aloysius Weinkam, Jr. 
Anne Messick Cannon 
Walter Clyde Eanes, Jr. 
Doris Ella Cooper 
Joan Elizabeth Allen 
Richard Stevenson Watt 
Edward Wilson Hutley 
Carl Alan Fretts 
Victor John Pepe 
Frederick Edgar Wyant 
William Warshauer, Jh. 
James Henry Pitts 

First Honors 

f * Carroll Julian Kite 

Janet Marian Rasmussen 
Nile Junior Webb 
Richard Leon Baradet 
Charles Edward Mattes 
August Henry Gewecke 

X^ Edward Everett Marsh, Jr. 
Glenn Eugene Funkhouser 
Harry Sidney Bowman 
Kenneth Richard McIntyre 
William Chester Gulden 
Kenneth Lantz Pierson 
Howard Beryl Miller 
Doris Ann Walter 



First HonorfB 

Elizabeth Marie Spangler 
Harriet Hall Bond 
Eleanor Estelle McVearry 
Catherine Elizabeth Morgan 
Gail Rudie Corn 
Melissa Meyer Pilchard 
Dorothy Garrett Scott Barnes 
Anne Fletcher Newman 
Sue Marie Goad 
Donald Carl McMilLen 
John James Kedzor 
Albert Sumner Lawtience, Jr. 
Revanne Hoffman 
Wallace Wendel Bradley 
Doris June Fairall 
Elizabeth Louise Towner 

Second Honors 

Sarah Helen Grimes 
Roberta Arlene Solins 
Susan Jean Curtis 
Robert Henry Brubaker, Jr. 
Jo Ann B. Wright 
Madeline Janet Rosky 
Mary Elizabeth Ellis 
Charles LeBron Ballew 
Sheldon Henry Knorr 
Pearl Joan Gold 
Beverly Joann Silar 
Barbara Jean Anderson 
Mary Wimberley Anderson 
Carol W. Chernow 
Anna Lee DeHaven 
Marilyn Jeanne Reber 
Joan Elizabeth Thomas 
Alice Joseph Akehurst 
John Vernon Sandbek 
Grayce E. Sadofsky 
Doris Roberta Aaronson 

Special Honors in Literature Margaret Elaine Barr 


First Honors 

Terrell Leroy Holliday 
Glenn R. Linsenmayer 
Donald Lockwood Murphy 
Vincent George Sigillito 
Sanford Samuel Sternstein 
Robert Cecil Shuppert 
Leo Charles Miller 
Don Richard Boyle 
Donald Hardy Spencer ^\ 
Edward Franklin Adams 
Theodore Raymond Mount 
Philip James Parisius 
Ira Bowlus Staley 
Benjamin Otto Arnold Werle 
John Blackford Capell 
Norman Wilson Sheetz, Jr, 
Theodore Louis Felsentreger 

Second Honors 

Robert Alexander Burns 
James Phillips Strong, III 
Gerald Joseph Ferguson, Jr. 
John Richard Potter 
Calvin Robinson Hastings 
William David Walker 



First Honors 

Nancy Houston 
Martha Jane Mueller 
Mary Anne Young 
Shirley Ann Corkran 
Mary Luella Holt 
Bonnie Rae Wilson 

Second Honors 

Dede Smith Newbery 
Phyllis Anne Turner 
Barbara Alk Deitz 
Pearl Ann Runkles 
Patricia Ann Hartgroves 
Wanda McClung Waddell 


First Honors 

Albert Clyde Weidenbusch 
Howard Edgar Reed 
John Thomas Horrocks 
Vernon E. Wickman 
Joseph Thomas Taylor 
Joseph Severin Korfanty 
Robert Edd Martin 
Milton John Scott 
George Bender 
Leslie William Bray, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Ernest E. Steck 

Angelica G. Muns 

James Joseph McCann 

Robert Lord Harrison 

Manley Glenn Morrison 

Murray W. Cole 

Joseph Shelton Harrelson, Jr. 

Collin J. Boyd 

Frederick W. Schultz 

Thomas Joseph Bardon 

Edmund George Boy 

Morris Glachman 

Robert Douglass Thresher 

August William Schara 

Bernard Reilley 

Robert Kenneth Edson 

George Neely Blair, Jr. 


First Honors 

Marilyn Anne Goetz 
Donald Charles Schuessler 
Joseph A. Montgomery 
Charles Fletcher Ison 
Ellen Nesbit Ferguson 
Perry Clay Moore 

Second Honors 

Harry Edwin Lanehart 


First Honors Second Honors 

Harold Clark Evans Phiup Alfred White 

Maurice Stephen Fortin 
Leonard O. Anderson 



Alpha Lambda Delta 
(Women's Freshman Honor Society) 

Abby Bernstein 
NlJOLE V. Brazauskas 
Betty R. Cavin 
Patricia Colcord 
Linda Cooper 
Margaret Dickinson 
Irma Dodd 
Anne Drissel 
Ellen M. Dudley 
Donna Fazenbacker 
Arling Goodman 

Sheila Grossman 
Barbara Gundersdorff 
Marilyn Hay 
Joan Lipowitz 
Georgia Anne Masser 
rona kushner 
Claire Elaine Parker 
Ferol J. Peal 
Peggy Posner 
Mary Anna Pritchett 
Sybil Rappoport 

Marcia Rosen 
Olivia Lee Scaggs 
Hannah Segal 
Ina p. Segal 
Joan Seigel 
Carol Scoltock 
Phyllis Smith 
Linda Kay Sobel 
Kristen Struebing 
Patricia Tymeson 
Anorea Vlases 

Mortar Board 

(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, 
leadership and scholarship) 

Ina Sybil Blumberg 
Dessie Mae Buser 
Bette Marie Coder 
Jacqueline Luanne Eads 

Alice Medora Graves 

Beverly Jane May 

Alice Baskerville Heisler Nancy Jean Nystrom 

Arlen Ruth Kelly 
Heather F. MacKinnon 

Carol Anne Plumhoff 
Katherine Davis Ricketts 
Babette Hope Vogel 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

{Honorary Leadership Fraternity for Men) 

Edward Franklin Adams 
Salustiano S. Amato 
Louis Carroll Arrington 
Charles LeBron Ballew 
John Thurman Bell 
Ernest Joseph Betz 
Vernon Mason Briggs, Jr. 
Robert Tracy Brow^n, Jr. 
Robert Scott Coughman 
Joseph William Cox 

Jonathan David 
Robert F. Fitzpatrick 
Alva Burr Grim, Jr. 
David Graham Halliday 
Joseph R. Hardiman 
David Reed Heinly 
William T. Johnstone 
Glenn Ross Linsenmayer 
Gerald Milton Loper 
Andrew F. McDonald 
Alfred Edgar Miller 

Philip James Parisius 
Carl Franklin Party 
Charles H. Peterson, Jr. 
Frank Ratka 
Donald Hardy Spencer 
James William Starboard 
Rand Wood Tuttle 
Melvin Carroll Watkins 
Nile Junior Webb 
Thomas M. Willoughby 
Barry Wiseman 

Phi Eta Sigma 
(Men's Freshman Honor Society) 

James Edward Ammerman 
William Anthis 
Robert H. Armstrong 
Seth Bonder 
Alan Barry Brandt 
Charles Stuart Callison 
David William Coder 
Richard Lloyd Conley 
George Howard Ducker 

David Coleman Fullarton 
Mark Lee Govrin 
Brian Arthur Hazlett 
Paul Joseph Kalkowski 
Fred London 

Herman Otto Lubbes, Jr. 
James Joseph Ludwig 
Miles D. MacMahon 
Gerald John Miller 

Thomas F. Morrissey 
John Willard Newton 
James L. Oosterhous 
Albert Bernard Fleet 
Charles Evans Reckson 
Perry Shipley Shelton 
George Woolley Spencer 
Fred Nelson Sugar 
Walter Edward Sykes 
Robert James Thompson 

Phi Kappa Phi 

(A national honorary fraternity open to honor students, both men and women, 
in all branches of learning) 


R. F. Allen 
Richard Bassette 
James R. Brennan 
Eileen Z. Cohen 
Rita S. Cook 
Annette DeVriendt 

Marjorie Drazek 
Is ADORE Goldberg 
Douglas R. Hall 
Ursula E. Heyer 
Embert J. Hoover 
Spencer B. Latham 
Charles W. McComb 

Gilbert Ousley 
Ernestine B. Thurman 
David H. Silvernail 
Un Sun Song 
Donald H. Steel 
John M. Wilson 
Eleanor F, Young 


Edward F. Adams 
Joan E. Allen 
Joseph F. Baker 
Richard L. Baradet 
Thomas J. Bardon 
Dorothy G. S. Barnes 
Harry Bass 
James W. Bequette 
George N. Blair, Jr. 
Don R. Boyle 
Carole H. Bowie 
Mary J. Bray 
Alice D. Brown 
Anne M. Cannon 
Elsa T. Carlson 
Alan B. Carr 
Alma D. Clancy 
Gerald R. Cohen 
Gail R. Cohen 
Doris E. Cooper 
Elizabeth L. Cooper 
Shirley A. Cockran 
Sheryl Dorman 
John W. Dorsey, Jr. 
Walter C. Eanes 
James O. Eggleston 
Mary L. Ellis 
Doris J. Fairall 
Shalom Fisher 
Maurice S. Fortin 
Carl A. Fretts 

Margaret J. Gates 
Philip F. Gleason 
Morris Glachman 
Marilyn A. Goetz 
Leo a. Goguen 
Carole B. Goldman 
David Goodman 
Sebastian P. Grossman 
Revanne Hoffman 
Virgil T. Hall 
Robert L. Harrison 
Phyllis B. Heflin 
Lawrence L. Herzog 
Terrell L. Holliday 
Mary L. Holt 
Nancy Houston 
Norma R. Jones 
Helen E. Klein 
Franklin P. Koontz 
Joseph P. Korfanty 
Millie Korn 
Elsbeth L. Kunzig 
Harry E. Lanehart 
James D. Lamb 
Evelyn M. Lemonoff 
Glenn R. Linsenmayer 
Allen Lisse 
Gerald M. Loper 
Alice M. Love 
Johanna B. Martin 
Richard X. McClellan, Jr. 

Frances J. McGuire 
Donald C. McMillen 
Eleanor E. McVearry 
Martha J. Mueller 
Joseph A. Nizolej, Jr. 
Philip J. Parisius 
Victor J. Pepe 
George E. Reier 
Michael B. Rodell 
Marion L. Rushton 
Ronald T. Sappington 
August W. Schara 
Ernest T. Schwartz, Jr. 
Patricia Sherer 
Robert C. Shuppert 
Vincent G. Sigillito 
Shirley M. Simms 
Norman G. Smith 
Nancy R. Sneed 
Ingeborg Sorensen 
Elizabeth M. Spangler 
Donald H. Spencer 
Miles E. St. John 
Sanford S. Sternstein 
Joseph T. Taylor 
William Warshauer, Jr. 
Richard S. Watt 
George A. Weinkam, Jr. 
HosEA D. White 
Barry Wiseman 
Frederick E. Wyant 
Mary A. Younq 



Alpha Omega Alpha 

(A National Honorary Medical Society) 

Howard D. Bron stein 
Raymond J. Donovan, Jr. 
Richard Rowan Flynn 
Meredith Saffell Hale 

William P. Hall 
Albert Frank Heck 
William Joseph Hicken 
Robert H. Johnson, Jr. 

Richard Hubbard Keller 
Howard Stanley Levin 
William J. Marshall, Jr. 
Joseph A. Mead, Jr. 
James B. Zimmerman 

Alpha Zeta 
{Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

Dawson Ahalt 
Martin Bell 
Laurence Brown 
Toy Campbell 
Sydney Constantinos 
Carlton Ernst 
Reed Friend 

John Hetrick 
Robert Howell 
Robert Keenan 
Leo Keller 
Louis Malkus 
Donald Marth 
Sidney Miller 

Richard Moffet 
Ronald Sappington 
Donald Shanklin 
Thomas Sherman 
Calvert Steuart 
Hailin Tikriti 
Thomas Von Garlem 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

{Men's and Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

Richard L. Baradet 
Carol Ann Colvin 
Doris Ella Cooper 
Richard L. Coughenour 

James G. Flynn 
C. Allen Gable 
John Loreg, Jr. 
Victor J. Pepe 

James H. Pitts 
William Warshauer, Jr. 
Nile J. Webb 
Frederick E. Wyant 

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 
{Honorary Dental Society) 

Enrique Rafael Capo 
F. Lee Eggnatz 
Robert William Haroth 
Gerald Franklin Hoffman 
Lawrence Paul Jacobs 
Anthony Joseph Klein, Jk. 

Walter Prudden Leonard 
John Frank Lessig 
Richard Warren Moss 
John Sidney Rushton 
Lawrence Donald Sarubin 
Howard Stanton Spurrier 
Marvin Howard Tawes, Jr. 


Omicron Nu 

(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Patricia Conner 
Shirley Corkran 
Phyllis Cox 
Barbara E\ven 
Patricia Hartgroves 
Mary Lou Holt 

Nancy Houston 
Jane Johnston 
Rosemary Kirby 
Martha Mueller 
Dede Newberry 
Carol Plumhoff 

Ann Runkles 
Phyllis Turner 
Wanda Waddell 
Emily Ann Watt 
Bonnie Wilson 
Mary Anne Young 

Order of the Coif 

(National Law School Honor Society) 

Robert E. Farnell, IH 
Martin B. Greenfeld 

Joseph M. Roulhac 
Nelson B. Seidman 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 
(Men's and Women's Physical Education Honor Society) 

Ellen Cronhardt Robert Jackson Nelson Kobren 


John Bell 
Gustavo Fern 
Gerald French 
Marilyn Goetz 
Charles Ison 

Harry Lanehart 
George Letto 
Alice Love 
Joseph Montgomery 
Perry Moore 
Barbara Peed 

Katherine Ricketts 
Larry Schlecter 
Donald Schuessler 
Thomas Tait 
Marylyn Varey 
Judith Wilson 

Rho Chi 
(National Honorary Pharmaceutical Society) 

Carl Caplan 
Melvin Chaiet 
Allan Lisse 

Larry Pozanek 
Marvin Saiontz 
Murray Speab 


Tau Beta Pi — Association 
{General Engineering Honor Society) 

Zeb V. Adams 

Robert H. Baumgardner 


John W. Bisset 
Seymour Bloom 
Robert A. Burns 


Robert S. Couchman 
Norman Feldman 
Theodore Felsentreger 
Gerald J. Ferguson 
Austin L. Fox 
Gerald L. Fuller 
Russell Clock 

Calvin R. Hastings 
Benjamin F. Hoffman 
Albert C. Jackson 
Edward C. Jarrell 
Jerry F. Kirk 
Ahto Kivi 
Emil E. Kohler 
Richard L. Martin 
Leo C, Miller 
Arnold S. Munuch 
Billy C. Niedfeldt 
Thomas M. Noppenberger 
William S. Ornett 
Thomas L. Sauter 
William E. Scarborough 

Norman W. Sheetz 
John H. Shepherd, Jr. 
Jay M. Solomon 
Ira B, Staley 
Francis Steinbauer 
James P. Strong 
Allan M. Thomas 
William J. Ulrick 
John G. Viner 
William D. Walker 
John L. Wentz 
Norman Westfall 
George J. Wiedenbauer 
Austin T. Winant 
Harvey Yakgwitz 




Special Awards 


The Alumni Assoeiation Medals 

Lawrence Donald Sarubin and Howard Stanton Spurrier 

The Isaac H. Davis Memorial Medal Paul Harvey Hyland 

The Herbert Friedherg Memorial Award Irwin B. Schwartz 

The Edgar J. Jacques Memorial Award RAYMOND Dennis Menton, Jr. 

The Harry E. Kelsey Memorial Award John Sidney Rushton 

The Harry E. Latcham Memorial Award John Frank Lessig 

The James J. McCormick Award Robert Mathis Johnson 

The Alexander H. Paterson Memorial Medal Howard Stanton Spurrier 


Sam Allen Memorial Prize Samuel L. Freeland 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chestnut Prize Nelson B. Seidman 

W. Calvin Chestnut Advocacy Award Joseph M. Roulhac 

Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Prize Nelson B. Seidman 

Nu Beta Epsilon Prize Martin B. Greenfeld 

U. S. Law Week Award Richard A. Urbus 

Samuel S. Levin Prize Richard E. Lovell 


The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Charles Eliot Silberstein 

The Dr. Leonard M. Htimwel Memorial Award Raymond Joseph Donovan, Jr. 

The Harry M. Robinson, Sr. Prize John Thomas Alexander 

Student Council Keys James E. Taylor, Jr., Charles E. Parker, James B. 

Zimmerman, Richard R. Flynn, and William G. Bartlett 


The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omeg-a Fraternity Prize, to a senior student for 
proficiency in pharmacology. 

Awarded to Michael B. Rodell 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize, a gold medal for superior proficiency in 

Awarded to James Joseph Mallonee 

The David Fink Memorial Prize, to a senior student for proficiency in the general 
practice of pharmacy. 

Awarded to Allan Lisse 

Epsilon Alumnae Chapter, Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority Prize, to a senior stu- 
dent for proficiency in pharmacy administration. 

Awarded to Colen C. Heinritz 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize, to a member of the senior class 

who has exhibited the most outstanding qualities of character and leadership during 

Awarded to MiLES E. St. John 

The William Simon Memorial Prize, for superior proficiency in the field of prac- 
tical and analytical chemistry. 

Awarded to Conrad P. Dorn, Jr. 


The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize, for exceptional work 
throughout the course in botany and pharmacognosy. 

Awarded to Walter E. Sultan 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize, to the senior student having the 
highest general average throughout the course in practical and dispensing pharmacy. 
Awarded to HARRY Bass 


Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chem- 
istry or chemical engineering whose average has been above 3.0 for three and one 
half years. 

Awarded to James D. Lamb 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the senior member of the group who has maintained 
the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in at- 
tendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Nancy R. Sneed 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 

Awarded to: 

Carole H. Bowie Eleanor E. McVearry 

Norma Reed Jones Catherine E. Morgan 

Johanna B. Martin Nancy R. Sneed 

Elizabeth M. Spangler 

Alpha Zeta Award to the agricultural student in the freshman class who attains 
the highest average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Carlton Ernst 

American Association of University Woman Award to the senior girl for scholar- 
ship and community leadership. 

Awarded to Margaret Jane Gates 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Award. 

Awarded to Harvey Yakowitz 

American Institute of Chemists Award for outstanding scholarship in chemistry 
and for his high character. 

Awarded to James D. Lamb 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers' Award. 

Awarded to iRA B. Staley 

American Public Relations Association, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to 
the outstanding senior, public relations major. 

Awarded to John E. Allen 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Awards. 

Awarded to Terrell L. Holliday, Donald T. Hughes, Fred H. Rogers, 

Leslie J. Wattay 

The Appleman-Norton Award to a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences in 
recognition of excellence in Botany. 

Awarded to Elliot D. Kocbn 


Associated Women Students Awards for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

A warded to : 

Abby Cohen Alice Love 

Mary Ellis Johanna Martin 

Patricia Hensley Martha Mueller 

Alice Heisler Ann Riley 

Arlen Kelly Bonnie Wilson 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award. 

Awarded to Harvey Yakowitz 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal. 

Awarded to Edward Lee Gruman 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in 
Hebrew studies. 

Brenda F. Kay Roslyn Rosen Carol S. Waghelstein 

Herbert Magin Linda J. Tucker Edna B. Windheim 

Ci\il Engineering Honor Society Award to outstanding civil engineering sopho- 

Avmrded to James Preston Goodloe, Jr. 

Ernie Coblentz Memorial Trophy, offered to the most outstanding freshman for 
work done on student publications. 

Awarded to Frank Allen 

Bernard L. Crozier Award. 

Awarded to Robert C. Shuppert 

The Davidson Transfer and Storage Company Award to a capable student who is 
concentrating in transportation. 

Awarded to KENNETH L. PiERSON 

Delta Delta Delta Soi-ority Medal to the girl who attains the highest average in 
academic work during the first semester of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Sally Anne Ensor and Gail Elise Kissling 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award to the woman member of the graduating class 
who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Nancy Ruth Sneed 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic average for the entire four-year course in the College 
of Business and Public Administration. 

Awarded to JOHN WESLEY DoRSEY, Jr. 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman 
in the College of Education. 

Awarded to Pearl J. Gold and Charles L. Ballew 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal. 

Awarded to Edward Franklin Adams 

Mahlon N. Haines Art Award, offered to the student in the Fine Arts Department 
for outstanding work in the painting classes. 

Awarded to Ralph D. Freeny 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who 
have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Mary Chambers Crooks and Janet Lee Shipley 

Hamilton Award. 

Awarded to Terreix L. Holliday 

The Home Economics Alumni Award to the student outstanding in application of 
Home Economics in her present living and who shows promise of carrying these into 
her future home and community. 

Awarded to Martha Mueller 


William H. Hottel Award to the most outstanding senior for work done on student 
publications during his college career. 

Awarded to GEORGE A. Weinkam, Jr. 

Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Awards. 

Aivarded to Richard F. Norford, Norman W. Sheetz, Jr., Robert H. Spencer 

Institute of Radio Engineers Awards. 

Awarded to Ira B. Staley and William J. Ulrick 

Machinery's Award for excellence in Machine Design. 

Awarded to Edwin S. Elste 

Maryland Motor Truck Association Award to the student majoring in Transporta- 
tion with an interest in motor transportation who has shown in three years of training 
an apparent ability to succeed. 

Awarded to Salustiano S. Amato 

Men's League Certificates, offered for outstanding achievement, character, and 
service to the University. 

Awarded to: 
John E. Allen Robert F. Fitzpatrick Howard B. Miller 

Robert T. Brown, Jr. Alva B, Grim, Jr. Richard S. Watt 

John W. Dorsey, Jr. David R. Heinly George A. Weinkam, Jr. 

Barry Wiseman 

Men's League Trophy to the graduating male senior who has done the most for the 
male student body. 

Awarded to William T. Johnstone 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal to the freshman girl in the College of Home Eco- 
nomics who attains the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Anne Drissell 

The award of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the University of Maryland to 
the graduating senior with the highest cumulative scholastic average whose basic course 
program has been in the liberal studies. 

Awarded to John Wesley Dorsey, Jr. 

Phi Delta Kappa Award to an outstanding man in the graduating class. 

Awarded to Ernest Russell Wall 

Pi Delta Epsilon National Medal of Merit Awards, offered by the National Council 
of Phi Delta Epsilon to the outstanding senior woman and the outstanding senior man. 

Awarded to David R. Heinly and Alice D. Brown 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to outstanding sophomore. 

Awarded to Kenneth J. McAuliffe 

Pilot Freight Carries, Inc., Award to the senior student in the College of Business 
and Public Administration who has majored in Transportation and who has demon- 
strated competence in this field of study. 

Awarded to NORTON N. Gillette, Jr. 

Service Award to the senior woman who has shown outstanding qualities of 
leadership and unselfish service to the University. 


Sigma Chi Award to the man in the freshman class who has made the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to David Coleman Fullarton 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of 
the City of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual 
qualities practically applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Jean Mace and Howard Miller 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Award. 


United Business Education Association-Smead Manufacturing Award for the out- 
standing senior in business education. 

Awarded to Beverly JoAnn Silar 



Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus 
H. C. Byrd, a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who, 
during his collegiate career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done 
most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to John Dorsey 

Citizenship Prize for Women. An award presented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd, by her children to that girl member of the Senior Class who best 
exemplifies the enduring qualities of the pioneer women. These qualities should typify 
self-dependence, courtesy, aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, will- 
ingness to sacrifice for others, strength of character, and those other qualities that 
enabled the pioneer woman to play such a fundamental part in the building of the 

Awarded to Johanna Martin 


The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most 

to the squad. 

Awarded to Nick Davis 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 

Awarded to Wilbur Main 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to 

the squad during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Eddie Cooke 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to ANDREW McDonald 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding University of 

Maryland Midfielder. 

Awarded to Stuart Carlisle 

Joe Deckman - Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defense man. 

Awarded to Richard Szlasa 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 

Awarded to Perry Moore 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the 


Awarded to NICHOLAS BlONDl 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most 

to wrestling at the University. 

Awarded to Salustiano Amato 

The Maryland Rings to the Maryland men who are adjudged the best athletes of 
^ the year. 

Awarded to Andrew McDonald and Ernest Betz 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr. Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has 

contributed most to swimming. 

Awarded to Raymond Ascherfeld 

Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 

Awarded to Donald Healy 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 

lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Richard Corrigan 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in 

college athletics. 

Awarded to Eddie Cooke 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University 

has rendered the greatest service to football. 

Aivarded to Wayne Alderton 


GOLD AWARDS-1957-195S 


Norman Beres 
Donald Henderson 
Andrew McDonald 
Gary Platt, Mgr. 
Carl Rosenbusch 


Nick Davis 
Perry Moore 
John Nacincik 
Thomas Young 

Cross Country 

John West 


Wayne Alderton 
George Burgled- 
Eddie Cooke . 
Howard Dare ^ 
Nick DeCicco 
John Fritsch 
Fred Hamilton 
Ralph Hawkins 

Donald Healy 
Wilbur Main 
Thomas Stefl 
Paul Tonetti 
William Turner 


Gerald McFerren 


Ernest Betz 
Stuart Carlisle 
Richard Corrigan 
Edwin Edel 
Benjamin Kopet 
Richard Nolker 
Robert Scranton 
LeRoy Skinner 
Richard Szlasa 


Margaret Guy 
Saul Honigsberg 


Edward Grund 
Andrew McDonald 

Harold Norton 
James Simms 
Leroy Skinner 


William Ascherfeld 
GusTAV Fern 
Richard Reckson 
William Shields 


Carl Bucks 
Jackson Yang 


Eddie Cooke 
Nicholas Leras 
Perry Moore 
Steve Scheck 
Stanley Strauss 
John West 


Salustiano Amato 
Beryle Cohen 
Joseph Dougherty 

CERTIFICA TES-1937-1958 


Walter Aley 
Joseph Andreone 
John Barrett 
Norman Beres 
Patrick Clarke 
Arthur Clessuras 
Frank Copper 
Bbuce Corbin 
Donald Henderson 
Roy Hurst 
Lem^s Jenkins 
George Letto 
Andrew McDonald 
Robert Moorhead 
Gary Platt, Mgr. 
Richard Reitz 
Carl Rosenbusch 
Donald Santo 
David Walden 
Joseph Zavona 


Gerald Bechtle 
Allan Bunge 
Gene Danko 
Nick Davis 
Joel Halleck 
Paul Krukar 
Charles McNeil 
Perry Moore 
William Murphy 
John Nacincik 
Julian Weingarten 
Thomas Young 
Robert Cutler, Mgr. 

Cross Country 

Emory Brown 
John Clagett 
Alva Grim 
David Leas 
Joseph Palfi 

William Wagnek 
John West 


Joseph Behrmann 
Rodney Breedlove 
Charles Carroll 
Thomas Flor 
John Forbes 
Joseph Gardi 
Thomas Gunderman 
James Hatter 
James Joyce 
Fred Kern 
Francis Kershner 
Ronald Laneve 
Robert Layman 
Richard Lewis 
William Martin 
Phillip Perlo 
Robert Rusevlyan 


Victor Schwartz 
Kurt Schwarz 
Benjamin Scotti 
Ronald Shaffer 
William Steppe 
Eugene Verardi 


Deane Beman 
Delmar Beman 
William Dudley 
Robert Hogg 
Carl Lohren 
Gerald McFerren 
John Owen 


Ernest Betz 
Stuart Carlisle 
William Carroll 
Richard Corrigan 
Edward Cox 
Edwin Edel 
Roger Goss 
H. Robert Kennedy 
Benjamin Kopet 
Standish Marriott 
Richard Moran 
Richard Nolker 
Charles Schwartzberg 
Robert Scranton 
Robert Shoemaker 
LeRoy Skinner 
Alexander Spellman 
Richard Szlasa 
Francis Thelen 
Albert Tiedemann, Jr. 
Richard Tillman 
William Vanous 


William Clagett 
Hartwell Chandler 
Harry Franks 
Margaret Guy 
Saul Honigsberg 
Nils Larsen 
Merle Nelson 

Henry Stromberg, Jr. 
Donald Webster 
H. Thomas Yolken 


Algirdas Bacanskas 
John Beatty 
Ernest Betz 
Taras Charchalis 
John Coates 
Ian Forrest 
Alton Fortney, Jr. 
John Fulton 
Edward Grund 
Orest Hanas 
C. Edward Knight 
John Kotchenreuter 
Basiuo Liacuris 
Lowell McCoy 
Andrew McDonald 
Harold Norton 
William Pflugrad 
George Politz 
A SAD Shukry 
James Simms 
Thomas Sinclair 
Leroy Skinner 
Daniel Somarriba 
Calv'ert Steuart 
Richard Thompson 
Thomas Vass, Jr. 


William Ascherfeld 
John Bell 
Thomas Carter 
Richard Colwell 
GusTAV Fern 
Robert Kohn 
John Ladrido 
Robert Macintosh 
Alan Margolis 
Bernard McGinn 
Nicholas Paleologas 
Richard Reckson 
William Shields 
Richard Sinclair 
William Stockman 
Paul Sykes 


Thomas Beall 
Carl Bucks 


Larry Lachey 
Donald Palmer 
Donnell Schweitzer 
Uwe-Thorsten Scobel 
Jackson Yang 


John Clagett 
Eddie Cooke 
Charles Fleming 
Leroy Harvey 
Nicholas Leras 
Perry Moore 
John Lowndes 
George Murnan 
Stanley Pitts 
Carl Prigg 
Larry Salmon 
Steve Scheck 
James Starboard 
Stanley Strauss 
Elliott Thompson 
George Tait 
John West 
Donald Whittaker 
William Wolfe 
James Tapager, Mgr. 
Ronald Chason, Mgr. 


Salustiano Amato 
Richard Besnier 
Carmine Blades, Mgr. 
Nicholas Biondi 
John Crandell 
Richard Dean 
Joseph Dougherty 
Raymond Haney 
Arthur Marinelli 
Raymond Osborne 
Donald Santo 
Joseph Thomas 
Richard VanAuken 



Gold Cups presented to persons who have faithfully served four years in the band. 
Samuel Adams Gary Clendenin Hood Geisbert 

Harvey Beavers Caroline Cook Richard Street 

Gold Keys awarded to persons who have faithfully served three years in the band. 
Richard Hill Dorothy McCarty Larry Nowack 

Ernie Hinkle James Murphy Nancy Nystrom 

Beryl Jacobson James Nichols George Roche 

Jerry Matthews James Novotny Marilyn Sanders 

Donald Wessell 

Sweaters awarded 
Donald Binder 
Howard Boyer 
Charles Brown 
Thomas Cherrix 
Randolph Cramer 
Peggy DeNeane 
James DeShazer 
Brian Dietz 
Charles Dunn 
Margaret Foster 

to persons who have faithfully 
Viola Furman 
William Gardner 
Charles Grandmaison 
Morris Hardy 
Bruce Herbert 
Judith Hill 
John Hillhouse 
Donald Howard 
Harriet Husted 
Ronald Johnson 

served two years in the band. 
Noble Kelly 
Burt Kester 
Demorest Knapp 
Richard Moore 
William Newell 
Fred Sessions 
Patricia Tatspaugh 
Charles Thompson 
Gregory Walters 
Carleton Weidmeyer 
Perry Wilkinson 

Letters awarded to 
Smith Armstrong 
Thomas Barry 
Stuart Bresner 
John Cain 
Daniel Cichetti 
Fred Dart 
Dee DePierro 
Melsa Evans 
Doris Everett 
Howard Fielding 
Richard Floyd 
Sara Gibbs 
Donald Gray 
David Hardesty 
Patricia Hershberger 
Norman Hogan 

persons who have faithfully 
Harvey Hortman 
John Hunter 
Juanita Johnson 
Lawrence Kurland 


George Loehwing 
Walter McKenzie 
William Meyers 
Donald Monroe 
David Moore 
Nancy Morgan 
Robert Mullican 
Jean Nickel 
Joseph Pear 
Michael Pollack 
George Rabey 

served one year in the band. 
Kenneth Reck 
John Russell 
Jo Ann Sachs 
David Sanford 
Al Sensenbaugh 
Michael Shaffer 
Ernest Shriver 
William Signor 
John Smith 
Joan Smoot 
Gary Swink 
Joanne Thom 
Kenneth White 
Thomas Willett 
Raymond Wilson 
Dennis Winson 
Sara Winterberg 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band member of the year. 
Awarded to Samuel Adams 


AFROTC Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the AFROTC Angel 

Awarded to Carol Isaacson 

Air Force Association Silver Medal to the outstanding Advanced AFROTC Cadet 
based on scholastic grade, both general and military, individual characteristics and 
performance at summer camp. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. William F. Nesbitt 


Alumni Cup to the best drilled Flight within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. Henry N. Siedenberg 

American Legion Award to the Senior Cadet for academic achievement in leader- 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col, Howard C. Turner 

American Legion Post No. 217 Award to the Senior Cadet displaying outstanding 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Bertram A. King 

Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Award to the Senior 
Cadet who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of military leadership, high moral 
character, and definite aptitude for military service. 

Awarded to Cadet Maj. Theodore R. Mount 

Arnold Air Society Award to the Advanced Cadet selected by the Arnold Air 
Society as the cadet who has contributed the most to the advancement of AFROTC 
through activities of the Arnold Air Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Richard G. Reid 

Convair Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leadership and 
scholastic qualities and who has been selected for Advanced AFROTC in Flsdng 

Awarded to Cadet Richard E. White 

The Charles M. Dickinson Memorial Plaque to the Junior Cadet who has shown 
leadership ability, outstanding individual characteristics and military bearing. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Nicholas A. Kech 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed out- 
standing leadership, scholarship and citizenship. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Philip F. Norton 

Freshman Division Silver Cup to a Freshman Cadet for outstanding leadership, 
military bearing and aptitude, and desire for military service. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert L. Robins 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled Squadron within the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. James V. Rampello 

Hamill Memorial Plaque to the Sophomore Cadet excelling in leadership and schol- 

Awarded to Cadet Mitchell C. Sollod 

The Glenn L, Martin Award to the Senior Cadet who has attained excellence in the 
field of aeronautical engineering and who has applied for flight training in the USAF. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Donald C. Green 

Maryland State Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award to 
the Freshman Cadet who has attained the highest overall academic grade during the 
first semester. 

Awarded to Cadet William R. Abell 

Military Order of World Wars Award to the outstanding graduate of the NCO 

Awarded to Cadet Richard S. Reilly 

National Defense Transportation Association Award presented in recognition of 
leadership qualities displayed, academic standing, aptitude for military service and 
meritorious achievement. Noteworthy service in furtherance of the aims and objectives 
of the Association. 

Awarded to Cadet Maj. Richard M. Crowley 

Pershing Rifle Company Gold Medal to the most outstanding member of the Per- 
shing Rifles. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Ronald Ellis 


Pershing Rifle Company Silver Medal to the most outstanding second year basic 

Pershing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Joseph P. Varelli 

Pershing Rifle Company Bronze Medal to the most outstanding first year basic 

Pershing Rifle Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert C. Johanns 

Pershing Rifle Award to the best drilled Cadet of the Corps who is not a member 

of the Pershing Rifle Company. 

Awarded to Cadet William F. Wallett 

Pershing Rifle Regimental Medal to a member of the Pershing Rifle Company who 

has been outstanding in service to the organization. 

Arvarded tc Cadet Robert G. Moores 

George M. Reilly, Jr. Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program 

showing the most aptitude for flying. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Richard G. Reid 

Reserve Officers Association Medals to the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman 

Cadet demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in AFROTC. 

Gold Medal awarded to Cadet Capt. Neil R. Linsenmayer 

Silver Medal awarded to Cadet Bernard Kaufman 

Bronze Medal awarded to Cadet Byron E. Thompson 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Cup to the best dinlled Squadron within 

the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Phillip L. Melvin 

Sons of the American Revolution Award to the cadet who exhibits in bis work a 

high degree of merit with respect to leadership, military bearing, and excellence in his 

academic course of study. 

Arvarded to C.\DET URBAN H. D. Lynch 

Sun Newspaper Award to the best drilled cadet within the Corps. 

Awarded to Cadet Charles C. Watson 

Vandenberg Guard Award to the member of Vandenberg Guard displaying out- 
standing leadership. 

Awarded to Cadet Thomas F. Longerbeam 



David L. Cox 
Jean C. Cobb 
Kenneth V. Duncan 
William J. Garrett 
Robert W. Irelan 
Donald E. Witten 
Doris A. Walter 
Ellen K. Ragan 
G. W, Darlington 
Phyllis A. Young 
Bruce S. Colvin 
Larry R. Granat 
David R. Heinly 

"M" Book 
John E. Allen 
Carole Bowie 
Joseph Carr 
Patricia A. Duvall 

Old Line 
Paul Cardaci 
Roger Mitchell 

John E. Allen 
Phyllis A. Turner 
G. A. Weinkam, Jr. 
Johanna B. Martin 
Carol A. Plumhoff 
Donald Helfstein 
C. Read Madary 
Raymond B. Yoskosky 

Special Awards: 

Thomas Seppy, outstanding columnist 

Frank Hunt, outstanding reporter 

George Darlington, special award for editorial assistance 




















Business and 











Special and 



Arts and 





The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown 
has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown 
is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating 
the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green 
for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The 
color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the hood are those of the college or university which con- 
ferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of dis- 
tinctive color and design.